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Blue coming again to Weekly showcase?


Is she coming someday again, because I need only 16 DNA for Blue and I don’t have enough money to buy Showcase Incubator? And what I read from metahub, Baryonyx is coming again (maybe).


I only need 4 more DNA to get Blue. Please can I get another attempt.


No, the other raptors in jurassic world are and are rares so you should be able to get them.


Ooh, I would love it if Baryonyx came back. I screwed up last time, and I’m well prepared to make up for it!


She is here in Bangkok Thailand, and I got her!
So fast and strong.


Yeah, she’s still “Dinosaur of the Day” for an hour.


I’m sure that you might still be able to get Blue DNA from a 8, 12 or 24 hr incub. Those are random in which dinos you receive, though.


Did blue expire already for Dino of the day?


I am under the assumption that the battle arena incubators only give you the exclusive dinos listed. The rest you have to either hunt for them or purchase the incubators from shop


Looks like Baryonyx is back again this week on Saturday…I’m only 25 DNA short myself, so I’m pretty stoked about that.