Blue in the wild or just incubator?


Just curious as would love to have blue around for AR shenanigans lol

Will there be another chance to get blue
Blue in the wild?
Blue DNS?
Can Blue and Indoraptor appear in the wild?
Pls Blue
Raptor squad

Are you asking can you find blues out to catch? If so yes, also epics (yellow) I have come across a T-Rex a few times


No they’re asking if you can find blue the raptor from the movie in the wild. Not blue(rare) dinos


Seems like it’s only going to be at the park. You you got 3 chances to collect a total of 150 DNA. Then maybe it’ll be goodbye to blue FOREVER!!!


Hi folks. Now that Blue was officially added to the game has anyone experienced another way to get her DNS except from the event showcase epic boxes so far? Could it even be possible that her DNS might get dropped by regular epic boxes? Has anyone had any experience with that topic so far or does someone maybe even have a clarification on how to get blues DNS in the future?


So far I have heard she will only be available on sunday I have been searching in the wild and have not seen her…i haven’t checked in the epic incubator though


So after my 3 attempts in the event today, I’m still a few DNA short to create Blue.

Do you think we’ll be seeing her in the wild now that she’s in the game?


Pls do one more time the event of blue it was so awesome dino but much people don’t have it also me pls let it return one more time pls


I racked up 150 points but no Blue? It appears on mine with 22/40 and a level of er 99. When I got DNA the 22/40 never updated. All a bit odd


Please do more attempts at blue she is my lil boys favorite dinosaur I’m handicapped from a car accident 2 years ago lucky to be alive and walking with a cane but I can’t walk like I used to and can’t drive yet because of my back. It would be so amazing for you to do another thing with blue! Thank you


Found Blue loitering on the south campus of WKU this afternoon.


Unfortunately I only got 1 attempt at DNA, as I was in a vehicle.


Good news after a while she popped up in my list. Level 11 but better than nowt.


I miss her by 12 dna


Can’t continue the hunt safely… severe weather in my area is keeping me indoors.

I love thunderstorms, but dammit… I want my own Blue…



This happened to me…really hope we can get another chance for catching her in the wild or through incubators…


Oh, feels bad man. Only chance for a while is probably the weekly Incubator (leaving soon).


I heard a rumor that Blue will be AVAILABLE in this week’s showcase again cause delta,echo And,Charlie r in it…i don’t know if it is fake or real lets just hope it’s real


I just got Blue today. I received the start for her from an incubator and then I managed to get dna from two parks !


Did you receive it from this week’s special incubators or just the regular ones from the arena?