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Blue in the wild

To make the indoraptor, it should be the indomious Rex and blue, as in the film. Also, can the game developers make sure that you can find blue in the wild. Thanks if you can do that.

Indo from the movie is not made from Blue DNA.


pretty sure the indoraptor was made from indominus rex and what i assume were just a bunch of left over velociraptor dna, or some other velociraptor test subjects he keeps in a cage or something, not blue :thinking::face_with_monocle:


Indo Gen 2 is made from Blue and Indom Gen 2

Correct. They wanted Blue DNA to make something even more evil.
Because DNA works like that…

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I think Wu wanted Blue to be a mother figure for the indoraptor. He wanted it to sort of guide it. Remember when he yelled and said “it needs a mother!”

They were also going to use her dna. remember how upset Wu got when he learned that blue was given a transfusion of Rex blood?


Scrolling in the deep and I like this so I’m gonna input.

Indoraptor was just a prototype, according to Dr. Wu. There was tons of stuff wrong with him, including that despite his intelligence, he was too vicious to be trained/commanded, except by the laser/tone targeting system they used. That’s a super basic way to give him direction, but they didn’t have any genuine control or influence over him. They were just meat sacks in his mind. He learned how weak humans were, and he wasn’t afraid of them. They probably tried using pain or punishment on him at some point, but he wasn’t like a circus tiger or something that could be tricked into thinking a human was more powerful than he was. He was smart enough to play dead if someone used a tranquilizer on him, just as an example of how little control they had. He grew up without other companion dinosaurs, like the Indominus before him, and social isolation is mentally harmful. He had no parent and was raised as a test subject, not a complex creature with a mind, and while some animals do okay without parents, others have been observed becoming hostile and violent in adulthood when raised without one, particularly without a mother. It might all sound kind of weird and stretchy, but I think any creature with a certain level of intelligence and the heritage of a social/pack species would be affected similarly by these things.

Wu wanted Blue because her DNA was “perfect,” according to him, but also she had a sort of sentience that creatures like the Indos lacked. She could view a human as more than just prey and feel attachment, as well as take charge of, and communicate with, other members of a pack. She grew up with siblings and a human parent and learned how to interact socially, and become a leader. It’s kind of like breeding any animal for any purpose, he wanted to start with one that already had the traits he wanted in future generations, and she was it. Not only could she contribute traits genetically, she could teach and lead her progeny. They could use her to manipulate those progeny for their own purposes. Blue was basically a non-human person, which is weird to think about in terms of her life in a literal amusement park, but really neat because of the concept of non-human persons.

Tl; dr, the Indoraptor was a neat stepping stone, but a failure as far as what Dr. Wu and other scientists wanted from their engineered dinos. Blue was the key to creating a whole new kind of dinosaur, based on both nature and nurture. To breed a better dinosaur, and to raise a better dinosaur.


But I guess if we wanna get back on track, Blue should be in the wild because she was running free st the end of the last film.

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And it’s coming in 3 weeks for Indo2 pursuit… Ba ready for that 7 days of Blue.

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Finding an Epic in Hybrid Pursuit?
Not that much exited.