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Blue is weak

like a level 9 raptor can kill her with high pounce pls fix

But what level is your Blue and is she boosted?

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I mean that sounds normal… cunnings do have low health and high attack and since a reg raptor is faster than blue, blue will die, but then again there’s boosts that change everything


Why is blue immune to stun? That makes it so much better against sino swap in which it shouldn’t be

Why shouldn’t she be?

Blue J think is meant to be a very early Thor counter, so if you over level her you’d get that

Stun is found almost exclusively on Resilients, and Blue is Cunning.
That said, Blue used to be Cunning Resilient, and a good number of Resilients are resistant/Immune to stun, so it’s not completely random.
They did nerf her and all the raptors pretty hard anyway, so giving the underdogs a better chance is fine by me.

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Yep so is Apatosaurus we should buff it too oh and don’t forget about lythronax and maybe we should buff t rex g2 while we are at it oh and also stegosaurus and nundasuchus and echo ankylosaurus since we are just buffing random things

Nundasuchus is actually not bad, but I suppose it could be a little better. Lythronax is pretty good too.

The others are all pretty underpowered, they totally need buffs. Are you saying buffing underpowered creatures is a bad thing or…?

I never knew Blue was a cunning resilient. Was it patched out in a recent update?

Didn’t blue have armour at 1 time too , if memory is right 15% rings a bell, or I’m I thinking of something else ?


Blue needs a buff. Too frail. While raptors are frail, Blue is too frail to where many swappers can come in on turn 1 for a kill

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Yep she had 10% armour at one time , just been checking back , could be one of the reasons why she’s slower than a regular velo, just never updated her speed after it was removed, imo

That’s…kinda the point. Raptors are made to be glass cannons, they can deal a bunch of damage but cannot live long, relying on things like dodge and distraction to live.

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Thing is, blue doesn’t have the output or HP to match that, every other raptor is 3000+ HP

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They have that much health? Other than common velo of course

The rare raptor squad doesn’t, but other than that all the relevant raptors have 3000+ HP

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Huh. Neat.

She had Plot Armour :wink:


Lore reasons

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