Blue Jr. : Alloraptor and blue bybrid

This would be the best cunning ever, even taking some of blue’s old abilities since they were more realistic than her current version. She got cautious strike cuz of evasive impact.

You can say this op but thats what is was intended for. If a diplodocus can take out basically ever one of its counters, then this should be a resilient killer. This would most likley kill most of its opponents but thats what we need, an actually good cunning

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If thats blue Jr…
Then who is Baby Blue!!!???!!!

Better call her Caruloreginus(Blue queens)? Moveset looks pretty well!!

well blue is obiously baby blue. maybe baby blue will be a pet that can jump around on the map, baby blue from jwfk is so cute

yes, this cunning will destroy trykos, basically any firerce (even thor) and all resilients. She is also super hard to make being made up of two exclusive epics and a rare.

Mmm I like that , can I have 1 for the holidays in dec please

sorry ludia says their worth $100, but I think its worth it

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Well consider that a tablet costs much more on which to play the game, I think it’s reasonable, question is will it let me rampage through the arenas right to the top , the converted no 1 spot :sunglasses::slight_smile:

Haha, NO, 130 speed with immune to Decel is a no go, especially with immune to distraction and 2 rampages

Haha knew it was too good to be true

the average between blue and alloraptor is 128 and one has 50% distract while other has 100% so lowest dhould be 75%

Un, hybrids aren’t direct combos, Alloraptor itself gets distraction res from no where. That also doesn’t justify it being broken

Stats shouldn’t reflect parents, they should reflect roles

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