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Blue or other Dino’s that never appear


Hello everyone
Help! Where is Blue!
I’ve seen her through battles. Friends have her from advancing levels in incubators, the sale of incubators which never had her in them- and I bought quite a few. Why is Blue totally unavailable for some of us.

Also. Why is it there are merely battles that just lose after lose after lose, when my team is made up of great levels and epics and specialty Dino’s.

Last thing I’ve noticed the dart problem

How is it you can buy darts for over 200- but they only go up to 140?

I’ve played this game a few months now, and I def love it- I think it gets better and better- but why is it
Certain Dino’s are never available.

Are there any tips or pointers about what to do differently? I travel all over the state of Michigan and the country so


Blue doesn’t currently appear in the wild. She’s been featured in two park events. If you go and complete a yellow stike event tower you may get

Can’t comment on the losing streak as I don’t know what team you have / trophy level you’re at.

You can buy 200 darts and you will get all 200 it will say 200/140 (or whatever you already had +200/140)


You have a pretty good chance at getting Blue DNA from the new Race to Victory incubator that is in the store right now :slight_smile:


Imo you only got a good chance with incubators in case you don’t want it’s DNA.


If you spend money you might get her from the race to win incubator