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Blue or Pyro?


Can’t say im very excited for either one. Do you think Blue will ever get a hybrid?

I will prolly go for Pyro, but I already know the DNA will just sit there as Irritator is on lockdown and I only see about 100 - 200 DNA every 30 days or so.

If it wasn’t so nice out today, I would skip them both, but it has been in the nagative temps the last few days and today it is 45, which seems like 70 after that artic vortex thing and Im ready to get out and dart.


both are good but i will probaly take a few more blue,she is really good standalone overall


No one knows what future dinos they may add. But right now, the named raptors are the most usless dinos in the game for me.

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Never had much luck with Blue, but ive only used her in friendly matches where one slow = death.


I disareewith you,with blue and charlie,you can go very far as they are .


Blue for me no interest in Pyro moves or kid and it’s grand baby is too far away to even think about


Magna got a buff and Blue is a useless standalone dinosaur.

I don’t see how anybody could make a good argument for darting Blue. If you don’t have her you will from all the strike events for speed.


Pyro leads to magna eventually. Who got a buff this coming update. Blue is useless IMO.


Agreed. Delta is the only one I have found even half a use for, but Ornitho does Deltas job much better then Delta does.

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As a character, I love Blue to bits (I collect Blue merchandise, even), but since I’m out to catch 'em all, it’s gonna be Pyro for me.


Explain. I’ve never seen either in arena at my rank, 43XX. And if I did, I’d probably eat them with no problems.


I see Blue from time to time at 3600~ trophies, but not the other named raptors. Blue sadly goes down very quickly against my team, even at this stage.


The entire raptor pack is the basicly the same dino. One slow kills them all. The odds that you will face a dino without a slowing move these days, is pretty slim.

Which one used to have immunity, was that Delta or Echo?


Then why did you ask the question?


To see peoples opinions on todays choice, obviously.


Pyro… blue is useless…


Yeah but it’s kinda like asking if people prefer to breathe air or farts.


Is that even a question?? What would I ever do with blue??


You could level her to 30 and have her Pounce 5% crit every turn like it does in the strike events.

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If any of the raptors get hybrids it will possibly be Blue.

But I’ve alot of her already so it’s pyro all the way