BLUE raptor released?


hey so im still confused. i have trawled the forum. is blue actually released yet?


I think he is on YouTube a lot of them have her already


how? i have seen no sign of him at all?


I think he is a special incubator dinosaur


Go to YouTube and search Jurassic world alive blue


i have no special incubators. just one selling dinos that can stun


I do too earlier they had the promotion though I think they already took it off though


wow that was quick. i look every day at the incubators. definitely didnt see one with blue in it


Yea have u searched YouTube yet


im at work so no access to it



Hope this helps u…good luck getting blue


thank you. its bitter sweet. seeing her here but not having a way to get her lol


If they keep the dinosaur weekly list she will be available on Sunday I believe it was


i hope so. what about indo? where do u find the weekly list?

at least i finally have baryonyx thanks to arena 7


Indo raptor was Saturday I believe and they took the list down for some reason that why I hope they still stay with what it said


so its sounding like they messed up. introduced incubators with blue, then took them down. showed the weeks line up then took that down?


Could be but here I found my SS of the list for the dinosaur as well as the incubator that was there


Top left is Monday and I have that dino at spawns so if tomorrow is the sarco then they are sticking to the list


I fought blue already, has a shield attack