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Blue should be best than Velociraptor


Velociraptor is a better choice than blue to most people. Simply because its the fastest in game.

I think Blue should have an upgrade. Blue, and not velo, should be the fastest.

Simply because of the movies. This game is made inspired in movie, and Blue is the main dino character in movie. In fact, the hero dino in movie, so loved by people.

Makes no sense abandon Blue in collection and choose velo or even many other dinos. Velociraptor already is used to fuse 2 powerful hybrids, makes no sense use it as the best pure raptor in game, other than the epic (and movie favorite) Blue.

Cmon, Ludia. Honor movie Blue and upgrade game Blue.

People should give many abillities suggestions, but my suggestion is nothing more complicated: just swap its speeds (velo <> blue) and we’re set. Make Blue the fastest.


No, BLUE is actually better than V-raptor.

If let them fight between each other 1v1, V-raptor will win.
But that doesn’t really mean BLUE is weaker.
As the only raptor have shield, BLUE can survive extremely longer than other raptors.
I think it is the best non-hybrid raptor.


Blue is better, he was my favorite creature until raptors were no longer the baddest.


I think Blue is a novelty. A collectors item. I wouldnt run her on an actual team unless I was dropping trophy levels.


so why i met so many velo other than blue? people are choosing velo more, for me…

maybe because speed, or because they need to level velo up because of indominus + indoraptor. or both.

what if blue have an hybrid?

ludia is waiting for third movie (surprise new dino)? :x


Blue actually wins velo at same level. Its 10% armor helps it survive a pounce plus a shielded normal attack from V raptor.


That’s because BLUE DNA is only allowed to collect from:

  1. 1st tournament reward
  2. Some special incubator
  3. Weekly event

But in weekly event, everyone will go for those ingredient dinos instead of BLUE.
(EX: in speed event I’ve used all attempts on Pyro)
So you might seldom see anyone have enough DNA to evolve BLUE.

In the other side, V-raptor is very easy to collect.
And we must level up it until lv20 for I-raptor.


New Hybrid Idea:

Blue + Indominus Rex = The most OP Dino ever

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Description would be:
This superhybrid is a very special species of its kind. Combined with the DNA of Blue and the Indominus Rex makes it more skilled than the normal Indoraptor.


I actually had the opportunity to test my blue against a velociraptor of equal level a few hours ago.

Blue wins 100%. Blue is also better against many dinos that murder velociraptor. It’s just MUCH harder to find Blue than it is to find velociraptor.

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If Blue also had 20% crit I would put “her” on my team no question.


@rimshaker be ready at fans telling you Blue is a…girl.


Ive never understood why velociraptor is faster than the hero raptors, considering they are all ultimately velociraptors. They should all have the same speed and variations on dmg/ health and movesets only. The the thing that bugs me about this game is that it is a spin off and directly tied into the jurassic franchise yet they randomlly choose dinos to be op. The best things in this game should be related to the franchise. For example instead of make a swap in Dsr random dino like draco who has nothing to do with the series, why not give it to pachyo who actually was part of the movie, or how about even just giving a swap in DSS to trex who has a high enough base dmg to make it usable and not ridculously op also giving him a long term purpose in the game. How about even giving it to Blue or Spino gen 2? The Heros of the franchise should always be in line with the franchise and it is because this game is tied to that its not just another dinosaur game

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Blue is good for a épic at start and mid Level.
But she is totaly useless after.
And for me i Will not pay a raptor incubator cause rare and blue are not worth .

Owen’s raptors are unique Dinosaures.
Charlie, écho and delta are dead in Jw 1.
So they 'll Never have a fusion (without deus ex machina).
The last hope is Blue in Jw3.
Dr. Wu can fuse blue’s dna with another dino to create a new vilain in next movie and give a unique in Alive.


Excuse me, but what the Frick???

Blue is usable and one of the best non-hybrids even in Aviary

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Another dead rat.


well. thanx for info, i’m at user level 14 yet, don’t know how things are at aviary.

i meet much more opponents using velociraptor against me since first levels/arenas… than blue. and for my strategies and teams, i find easier to beat blue than velo (people are always faster than me using velo, and swap it to bring back again later and hit me again).

but @Tarbosaurus gave me an explanation about. velo dna are more easy to find and people runs into it other than blue, because of its hybrids.

this you @Raven are showing me is a good thing about blue. it seems that after people has enough indominus + indoraptor fused, and other dinos they find first options, they go for level up blue.

but… i ask you guys at higher level a thing: pure raptors (velo, blue or whatever) are an option, considering you have powerful legendaries or even uniques?

@Entropy and @guarou i think velo could lost facing blue, but my point is what of them should be the choosen one to put in main team. consider blue abillities or velo speed? and if i add the @Tarbosaurus point, its hard to have blue and velo at same level for most people.

#jurassic world movies spoiler below!

the point i’m telling is: blue is a good option for some people, but is for now let alone in collection for most. it (or she) deserves a better place in game, in honor of the inspired movie (it/she is the smartest and helped owen and others beat indominus and indoraptor). buff or hybrid. its my suggestion anyway.


ps: i cant forget some dracoceratops swap rampage can most situations kills any of these raptors. :confused:

ps2: i can consider blue is already an epic and velo a common. velo is not even a rare, and are so choosen in people teams. i think it has too much speed, and its forced to level up due to hybrids.


Blue Rex :grin::grinning:

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Well… For how hard Blue is to level up, she might not be worth it. But she is without the doubt, the best cleanup / finisher along with Proceratomimus and Tanycolagreus up in Aviary.

I have the advantage of being a Beta player, therefore had accumulated Blue over time, cause I always used some (generally the bigger portion) of my attempts on her on events.

Also for how how much she is worth? She can beat Diloracheirus, Utarinex, Dracoceratops and with some luck Indoraptor, Indominus and Momomimus. Her only particularly awful matchups are Tragobeachtis, Thoradolosaurus and Proceratomimus. But each teams have different needs. Mine currently has a dedicated slot for either Blue or Monomimus because of their speed and sweeping potential. Currently running Procera as she will be lvl 22 so while Blue is sadly stuck for now.


Velo is still good in lower arenas, but in top arenas has no place as it can’t survive a hit.

Dracocera or Draco g2 can onehit full health Velo.