Blue strike tower wins reset- glitch


I had just won my fifth strike tower today, expecting to receive my second set of rewards, when my wins were reset back to 1.

It happened after a battle glitch where the opposing team (bot) used strike and run with their erlik gen 2, but rather than swapping dinos, my allosinosaurus struck again and finished it off.

So my first 4 battles were all for nothing. Talk about a waste of a lunch break. Has this happened to anyone else?

Are there 2 Cunning Creatures Strike Events?
Lost Strike Event progress
This new strike event "Blue" one
2 sets of blue towers

Can you receive the rewards for the first battles again?


It gave me more coins for battle 1 again. Had to go back to work so I dont know about the DNA awards for more wins but honestly I dont care, it’s junk DNA anyway. Dilophosaurus gen 2 and diplocaulus gen 2. Wish they would offer some useful DNA at least. I was hoping to see if there would be some epic DNA for the final win.


I thought I had that but there are actually two sets of blue strike towers - I currently have one on 1 win and one on 2 wins so they are definitely different. A lot of them around as well.


Are they both the “step ahead” towers? All the ones I did today were.


Yes - both labelled “A Step Ahead”.


Good to know. Strange that they would do that…


Yep - totally confused me, especially as I was doing one battle per supply drop rather than just loitering and doing them all in one go.


Is it a glitch or is there 2 sets…

I’ve just battled different strike towers 6 times… I have 3 wins on each tower…

I’m getting 2 sets of different rewards and battling the same dinos in both strike towers.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Yeah I just posted about this thinking it was a glitch. Apparently there are two. Wouldve made sense I think to either TELL people there are two identical towers or give them different names…


Played 2 times! I think it’s a glitch!


Fairly certain its two sets - there are a lot around and I have 2 wins on one and 1 win on the other.


And they’re the exact same dinos!


Hey dino hunters, thanks for reporting this issue to us. I have notified our team about it, and they will be looking into this.


yup, looks like two diffe4ent towers too!


Thats happened to me too…some are showing 7 wins and others are showing no wins…not sure what to make of it


No need to look into it lol its great!!!


Does anyone receive dilophosaurus dna? I received none even tho the incubator has its image on it.


I received some 15 Dilophosaurus DNA from the first incubator award (I think it is after 2nd or 3rd match). Didn’t get time to complete rest of the matches.

Are we saying we can play unlimited number of matches and still gain the coins/DNAs?
I might be inclined to play just for the coins. But the matches are now time consuming due to increased difficulty/more dinos to face.


So we had two Strike Events kinda on top of each other: Raptors and “Dilophosaurus”. I did the SE, A Step Ahead, this morning, and got all three incubes. But I noticed when I logged on, it’s renewed itself? Do we get a second chance (which I won’t complain, I need more RareDilo dna), or is this a weird glitch from the Tresure Chests coming back?

Level upgrade wouldn’t allow me to accept the offer