didn’t played yet, too far away.

if somebody could please put details here…


These strike towers require you to be too close to them. Even with the radar ping radius sitting ontop of the stadium it says move closer.


I know, I just can’t go right now.


Here are the details


I could get from house. :heart_eyes:
I got rares I don’t really care about. But I loved the event. If this is weekly I’m ecstatic.



You go through 7 battles and for what…

A bit of dilophosaurus dna and mostly dilophosaurus gen 2.

Just go to the parks lol


A little bit more of a challenge this time but I still creamed it easily. Didn’t get any dilophosaurus just loads of coalasuchus.


Is it allowing to hit them more than once cuz i won all 7 battles and i click on another and it says 0 battles won


What’s a good counter/team for the new strike tower?


I’ve battled 6 towers and says 3 wins on each…
Yet same dinos each time


I used Stegosaurus, Stegoceratops, Amarhocephlus, and Stegodeus…anything that can slow up the fast moving dinos will be good


Epic dna would be nice as a reward, I liked the one with T-Rex DNA last week.


Maybe there are two blue strike events running now in the same moment?

As we can see, the events already won in the left of the screen are less brighter then the others in the right side, and then if a click on them:

Left blue strike event

Right blue strike event:

Maybe a glitch or lag of loading data? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ll find out when I will go out of my house some hours later and I’ll let you all know.
If you all have other info on this, please keep me posted.


I was pointing out a fact, not a question… there are 2 sets of strike towers :slight_smile:


Did this one last night and then did it with my sons who is only lvl 5 with dinos who are lvl 8 so very doable if u need blue :+1:t3: