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Blue Transformed into Pyroraptor


one or two hours ago, I wanted to collect Blues DNA with still two attempts left.
But when I clicked on Blue she transformed into a Pyroraptor. Well I were to fast and I clicked and collected PR DNA.

I‘m pretty frustrated right now, I already had the PR and I needed the DNA for Blue (got something like 135/150 for her ^^ ).

Did that happen to you, too?

I dont play JW Alive that long so I also would like to know whether there will be more events with Blue. And does she spawn normally in the environment?
Because before this event, I‘ve never seen her in the Environment while other epics do appear in the wild.

Well please excuse my bad English. ^^

Greetings from Germany!! :slight_smile:

If you noticed you accidently tap a dino you actually don’t want to dart, there’s a withdraw button in darting UI.

You can click that button before you start darting. You won’t lost that event attempt.

BLUE isn’t spawn in wild. She only allowed to collect in event or by incubators.

You can also just close the game during darting and re-open the game and it won’t count.

Yeah I know that you can leave the darting.
But I was sooo excited. When the Pyroraptor DNA were shown was the moment I realized my mistake. :smiley:
So my poor Blue will have to wait longer. I have 138/150 thats just frustrating.

Ugh I hate it when these things are disappearing or transforming while I‘m preparing to dart them. ^^

So you didn’t realise that the dino was Pyroraptor until after the dna was displayed, so the whole time you were darting you didn’t realise? How can you be certain that it was originally Blue and changed to Pyroraptor?

I don‘t know. :slight_smile:
I waited for Blue then I saw her. Got to her and then I must‘ve eben too fast because after darting I realized it was the Pyro.
Well I have to admit that I was wondering why „Blue“ had a feathered head…
Hell I‘m dumb. :slight_smile:

Is she only in special epic incubators?