Blue velociraptor max attempts reached and I only opened it once


So I came across blue today. It stated 0/7 attempts. I collected one round of DNA, and when I came across the second one it stated 7/7 attempts. It was only my second one. Somewhere there is a problem.
Is there a fix?

Attempt with Blue

It was for Blue and Pyroraptor. Maybe you spent the other attempts on Pyro and so you only had 1 left by the time you saw your second Blue.


I had the same problem. Only tried to catch Blue twice and attempts are maxed out. It to me that it counts as an attempt even if you just view rhe dino without launching, which is ridiculous.


I didn’t know that’s how it worked :frowning:. New to the game. Thanks


Thank you. That would make sense then. That seems silly. I would have thought each had their own count attempts.


That’s the point you’re only meant to get 3 each but they changed it to 6 for both so you can choose


I actively tried to catch Blue twice and my attempts are maxed out. Seems to me everytime I view a dino it counts as an attempt, which is ridiculous as I was too far too launch. It has happened with a few special events now, including the Piroraptor. This is very frustrating and unfair


@Monique_Bennett the special park event dino attempts are linked. So the current event is Blue and Pyroraptor, you are allowed a total of 6 attempts for either 1 or both of them. It is not 6 attempts for each dino. This is how it is with every event. Earlier in the week there was 4 common ones that showed up for 2 days, we had 48 attempts to use for any of those 4 common ones.


Thanx for trying to help Kira but it sounds like Monique is experiencing a glitch! Because she is saying she is just tapping on them without launching the drone and it is counting as an attempt!

For sure this is not the way it’s supposed to happen!

When I do park events I tap on them all the time and sometimes 10 or more to keep track of the distance until I am right on top of them and it only counts it as an attempt when I launch!

Monique I would contact ludia about this


Hey Monique_Bennett, if you think that your “attempts” are being counted when you have not launched your drone to collect DNA, contact our support team here at with your support key so they can investigate further.