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Blue's Tears Event!

I’m simply lobbying for an event where Blue has a series of tears left all over the map and we have to collect them for special rewards, but if we find the blue tear drops which are extremely rare we get her Deoxyribonucleic Acid in the amount of 500.

The tears are leading to Blue herself who is lost and unlike the blue tear drops which appear multiple times but are extremely rare as compared to the standard clear tear drops, there is only one Blue spawn anywhere during this entire event and once found that player’s Alliance gets a grand total of 500,000 of Blue’s Deoxyribonucleic Acid to be split among them. So if there are 50 players in the Alliance they all get 10,000 of Blue’s Deoxyribonucleic Acid each. If there are less, then hey, more to go around.

And once found, Blue would be given out to everyone else as well just in lower amounts depending on the amount of tears collected in amounts of 75, 125, 225, 420, 575, 824, 1,400 and 2500.

Would you like this event to take place during every Christmas and Summer?

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is the acid thing her dna

You will be able to use that and I mean, everyone gets some of her Deoxyribonucleic Acid so it works out. But an event like this is truly unique. Only one Alliance in the world gets the big prize.

I think you’ll be pleased with winning.

umm, what is that?

nvm, you could just say dna rather than being the brainiac here. no hate, just a thought.


The confusion I’m experiencing rn

How dare you use the hamster in my brain to start running


i had to google what that meant cause im an idiot.


@Keagan_Klinger @Earlidominus @Chip88898

Out of this entire thread, that’s the take away? Are you excited for this? Would you love a fresh unique way to have an event with more massive rewards?

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exited for this? why are you implying that its gonna happen, when you may not even have the ability to do so?

We are lobbying for support. The point is, who wouldn’t be excited? It’s Blue! And her Deoxyribonucleic Acid!


im not exited for what i know isnt gonna happen, sooo. no im not.

Lol, I feel you there, having authored some posts that took hours or more only to have everyone ignore the main point. But if you want people to focus on the main point, maybe don’t go out of the way to spell out “deoxyribonucleic acid” every time. At that point your kind of drawing attention away from the main point yourself :sweat_smile:

However, regarding your main point, I do like it in general. It would be cool to collect set amounts of DNA kind of like a treasure chase. There are a few things that I think need slight modifications though. Even though the DNA output from collecting each tear is extremely generous, the distribution of rewards is very uneven. Only one alliance gets the jackpot here? In the entire world? Since Blue spawns somewhere randomly, the game is essentially choosing one alliance to get a MASSIVE amount of DNA by lottery. Players can’t do anything about this. I would actually tie Blue’s spawn to the number of her tears collected by each alliance, to encourage people to engage more with that aspect of the event. So that way, the alliance that collects the most tears gets the largest DNA bonus at the end, and the following ranks get progressively less rewards at the end (but every alliance would get something). It would be kind of like tournaments, but the rankings would be based on exploration and collection (of tears) rather than battle performance, which I think would be quite interesting. With tear collection becoming more important, I would make tears a bit more common, but also much less rewarding (maybe 10 DNA each, but a player could in theory collect 100 of them. That’s 1000 DNA if they can manage that, not to mention the end-of-event rewards!).


So how would this work? One special spawn around the entire world? That would make things massively unfair. What if you’re in America and the drop is all the way on the other side of the Earth like Indonesia? It’s an interesting concept, but needs some refinement.

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Yeah, but this would be a thing where an entire Alliance could win it. 50 people. Just diversify your roster, globally. Also it would not be out of reach for anyone anywhere in the world. You simply need to find her first.

I really like the idea of something very rare that changes locations around the world, that only will see one winner (50 winners) and then everyone else still wins something, just not as much. It would take a lot of work to find her not simply searching.

But you’re suppose to be excited for the potential. This is about pushing for something to happen. Everything starts somewhere and events where there is a true rarity in the victory is appealing.

There are thousands of people that play this game, 50 is still a tiny fraction. If Blue doesn’t migrate, whoever she spawns on just wins. No one is going to buy plane tickets flying all over the world looking for one dinosaur, since no one can predict where she actually is. And even if Blue does migrate, whoever sees her first will probably still claim her. Having only one grand prize here is just too limiting and luck based. The treasure chase DNA aspect is really cool, encourage people to engage with that!


50 people is not a lot. There are hundreds of countries and states out there. How are people supposed to look for this spawn? That’s trying to find a needle in an ocean


Well, that’s there already. We can adjust the amount sure, but the amounts are there at a set amount each tier per tears collected and Blue should give the most Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

So all in all, it would be fun.