Board regeneration

The board in the repeatable quest is always the greatest board, most of the time it just keeps on exploding non-stop, but in the alpha battles, I get the worst boards ever, which results in bad amount of damage which is not helpful, so @ned or @Marcus, can you confirm if all the boards in the game are randomly regenerating, or there is something behind it (especially about the boards in the alpha battles).


I will ssshellfre always gives me tons of yellows and they come and make combos after my moves all the time, prohibiting me from avoiding stunning. It feels like it is on purpose


Hello Vikings,

I’ve asked our Devs and they confirmed that the board is always the same and randomly generated.


You also probably do far more repeatable quests than alpha battles, so you have more chances for exploding boards. It can happen in alphas, I only average 20k hits but I got a new personal best 40k a few days ago. Exploding board made it happen.

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