BoB co-op is recruiting new alliance(s)

This is a rare opportunity for your alliance to join one of the best performing co-ops in the game: BoB (Be our Blue).

As a BoB alliance, you’ll be joining top tournament alliances such as Parks n Wrecks, More Lyth More Cookies, The Raptor Brotherhood and Tyrant Predatorz along with 20 other alliances. This is a rare opportunity that has only come about because some amazing alliances are choosing to disband with retiring players. We’re sad to see them go but we can’t wait to hear from any alliance looking to join a top co-op.

The details:

  • 3 core level 20 sanctuaries built in less then 48 hours. S1 = Multiples of 4; S2 = multiples of 2; S3 = Singles
  • Ad hoc Special Sanctuary when needed
  • Exclusive dinosaur voting bot (designed for BoB) embedded directly into your Discord server; no more tedious reporting ever!
  • A supportive co-op that emphasizes mutual respect and democratic decision-making
  • Top-notch organization, planning, and strategy
  • Additional player recruitment support
  • A group of alliances that like to have fun and have a good laugh together

If BoB sounds like the perfect fit for your active and engaged alliance either comment below or DM me and I’ll be in touch.

Happy battling, the tournament this weekend should be flock-filled fun :purple_heart: