Bond With Dinosaurs


Just a minor thing that’d be cool, is if we could bond with our dinosaurs. Just something off to the side as like a little distraction from battling and whatnot. We could pet them, feed them, stuff like that.

Another part too, if it can be implemented but probably not, is with the AR function. We bring our dino into the real world and can reach out to pet them.

Again, something minor, but cool. It wouldn’t have to be a main part of the gane if no one’s interested, like I said, something optional and off to the side.


I’m sure I saw this post already and everyone was arguing…


I’m redoing it. I didn’t want the last one to die, but that’s what happened.


I think this shouldn’t be a major feature but just like we can tap the screen to make them roar, a little detail of being able to pet them would be cute. If someone doesn’t like it, they can just not use it, lol

The thing is, when you bring your dinosaurs for battle, they win a match for you and roar in victory, you end up being fond of them. They become your pets, your squad, your companions somehow. That’s why people have been asking for an option to name them for ages. This would have happened even before Jurassic World came out, but now, after seeing that sweet relationship between Owen and Blue, we like it even more, we can’t help but to find it cute -some of us, anyhow- and feel some kind of attachment to our dinos. Every time my tarbo won a match for me I’d be like YASSSSSS THAT’S MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL.

So really, a bit of bonding on the side with an option to pet and feed them wouldn’t be out of place at all. After all, we are supposed to be the DPG, aren’t we?? We are supposed to protect dinosaurs and care about them. I’m all in on this as long as it’s something on the side, as the OP said.


Feature to take selfies with your dinos would be pretty cool too.


Yaaaaas!!! Let me pamper and spoil my dinos. Stego is one of my favs and has been permament member since I created her. I’d love to be able to name her.

I also feel bad for fav dinos i had to drop from my roster due to weaker stats. I want my tarbo back byt I cant find any dna to lvl her up at all. Tarbo is a fav of mine. So caring, feeding, petting and naming would make me feel less jerk-like gor dropping her from my team. I know. Weird to feel sorry for pixels, but if people are showing fondness for them, why not sympathy?


I’m the same way. I’ve gotten attached to my Pokemon like that since, probably more Gen2.