Bone-headed actions

Everyone has those moments in battles where they’re like, " WTH did I just do!!!" Or even like, "What was my opponent trying to do??? Post your best or worst bone-headed actions. :joy: or :sob:


If I had a dollar for every time a Sucho tried to instant distract my Tryo on his DSR, I could buy a new release gold edition console game.


Forgetting NOT to cloak/evade against Magna.

Someone killing my dino with their Dracocera then I switch in Indominus Rex and they proceed to use Acute Stun before I murder them.


One I’ve experienced on a few occasions is someone cloaking their Erlidom vs my Dioraja when I have Instant Invincibility ready


Someone used Instant Invincibility against my Thor, Instant Distraction against my Magna or Erlidom.
But I also pressed the wrong button using Instant Invincibility of Dio against a Tryko, but anyway, my Dio had to die no matter which move I chose.

I frequently get battles where I’m about to kill my opponents dinosaur and they swap it for something (without a swap in ability) that’s already badly damaged so it dies. They then bring back the original wounded dinosaur (again, no swap in ability) and it dies thus giving be the win.

I entered the arena with my mostly unique dinosaurs and expected fun.

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Or one of Ludias micro transaction Premium incubator.

For me it’s hitting the wrong button while trying to have a conversation with the wife.
I’ve hitten strike and run instead of rampage on more than one occasion due to my inability to multitask.
My brain has an insanely high processor speed… One core.


Th chip in my head is a Dorito lol

Are you sure it was not against a bot? This is exactly how the last 2 dinos constantly swap in and out when fighting bots :slight_smile:

Sometimes if I know I will definitely lose, then I send dying dinos to finish the battle earlier since there is no button to surrender.

My stupid moments:
Forgetting I could have landed a kapro and could have won a match when opponent had very low HP on 2 dinos.
Had the habit of trying to distract indominus rex with sucho (just because of muscle memory + the image of the indom being similar to T.Rex) but I’ve lost that habit.

Opponents’ stupid moments:
Not only trying to distract my indominus or my ankylocodon with their sucho, but trying to bleed them too.

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My worst problem is when I go “I can kill it with Dracoceratops!” And proceed to switch in Dracoceratops, without putting in a creature so I can Swap into Draco…

I like when people switch in to Draco to realize it leaves me at <100 health and still survives

Having first move with a bleeder and attacking with a bleed attack forgetting opponent has a cleanse to remove it. And it’s always that split second right after I select the move that I yell at myself, “what are you doing?”

Literally just now in the Tournament:

I pull in my Gallimimus to fight Majunda right? Why does the person proceed to switch to Dimorphodon? To bleed me out? Really?


The question i ask myself everytime i play against a boosted thor
Why did i start to play?

People trying to stun or distract my Indominus.

Multiple times in a row.