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Bonecrusher's Conquest

Is there a bug with this collection, I have now done 15 searches with 4 bags and not one single collection item has been found. This is not the first time that I get no items during the early access part of collections. Is it even implemented ? Does early access work ?

Welcome to the forums, Hermenegilde! While it is understandable that you may get upset for not obtaining the desired collection items from multiple searches, the team confirmed that this isn’t a bug. Hopefully, you’ll eventually obtain the items you need, so keep at it!

No not a bug. But not random bad luck either. It has always been a thing that items for collections are not given early on after a event has been launched, particularly for dragon riders who get early access. Sometimes you can get nothing in that “exclusive” period. And when the timer is getting close to ending you get items thrown at you.

As soon as it went to regular access, I started getting 3 to 5 items each trip. I am pretty sure there is a problem with the early access drop availability or drop rate.

I notice you say it is not a bug. But you don’t say whether it is deliberate or not. I’d like you to explain how i get no collection items at all for the whole early access despite doing 4 bags searches repeatedly and then, as soon as the 4 day mark arrives, I start getting items every single search and finish it inside a day. Maybe the early access doesn’t work for me specifically ? Or is the drop much lower during early access ?

I am not exagerrating or embellishing anything, this is what happened.

As it is, I am gonna stay away from early access collections, but it feels like I am paying for something I do not receive.


The drop rate is much lower to non-existent during early access. Early access for collections is a scam.

It’s not just you. (Hmm, I wonder if there’s a false advertising lawsuit in there… anyone know a bored lawyer?)