Bonestormer homecoming

This should be more like the other homecomings and give us the hybrids so we can at least attempt to finish. Make is a 1 and a 2* if you choose. that is giving us nothing, but allows us the chance to complete. I’ve bred 1 2* thus far so I am finishing that section, I hope tobreed another, but given that we can’t use duplicate dragons, I need to get a 3*or higher just to play. Let alone leveling it to last more than a hit

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I agree, but at least we can get trugrit at the end.

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So the event is coming to a close. I was only able to get 1 and 2 star, so I am stuck and not able to finish the last 2 levels My 2nd account was able to breed any so even worse off as it cabt participate in any of byo.

Please reconsider hybrid homecomings to give at least 1 copy of 2 and 3*. At very least 1 and 2* so we can breed with better chances earlier in event