Bonitasaura buff

I know how u say, “commons are for new players commons are useless”
But even for new players like me, Bonitasaura is still useless
Bonitasaura level 40 stats
(a common only unlocked via event)
HP: 263
DMG: 67
Triceratops Gen 1 level 40 stats
(Literaly the first thing u unlock)
HP: 274
DMG: 70

Bonitasaura, an event-only unlock is WORSE than the first dinosaur given to players. Shocking!
So I propose a buff. A very minor buff
hp: 300
Dmg: 85

Post you reaction below.

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Also limnoscelis is worse than trike. Trike is the first dino you get and also the cheapest so it should be the worst

Have u seen Alanqa and Tuojiang? Wow and neither Majungatunga is so strong, i mean it has big attack but… I also think that Pelecanimimus and not Bonitasaura should be unlocked via special event. Even because Bonita becomes useful only with Para, but no Para unlock seen. Those were my thinkings

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