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Bonus cash for the first tournament

Just got in game mail for 1850 extra cash for the first tournament. I placed in top 250. Check your mail!

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Is that from the exploited tournament? That’s a great idea. Give out even more rewards to a tournament that should have been cancelled. Trophy counts were 10 times higher than this past tournament with no AI option. Guess this has been tying up all ludia resources determining how many more rewards players should get rather than get the real problems solved.


1850?? I only got 250… I placed top 500 and only played AI twice to test if it was giving trophies to check if it was true and after the update to see if they fixed it… Who determines the amount @Jorge @J.C?

This weekends top scorer with no AI was like 1600 wasnt it? I’m curious to see what the scores were in the first tournament of players in the top 500 who say they only played AI twice.

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have no clue how this was calculated finished like 520 so outside of top 500 and got 750 cash today as a compensation

Well I barely hit top 500 1st tournament, I had like 1100 trophies. This tournament I placed in top 50, I ended with 990 trophies because I hit crappy RNG Sunday and no stuns were landing. I was 2nd place when I went to bed Saturday morning. My medals were about the same but my placing was way off because of AI 1st tournament. But I only got 250 HC…

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Sad. In finished 501 but I didn’t get anything

I just got 1850 as well. Nice little bonus. Worthless if they never let me buy boosts again. Not really fair that some people bought unlimited and now I cant buy any. I’ve been saving up for this and wasnt on the morning that happened so now I’m screwed. Sitting with 23k money and nothing to spend it on of value. And a bunch of players who got to spend extra are killing me.


I was in the top 500 without playing vs AI, was around 950/980 trophies I think

Congrats. I only looked at the first couple pages and they all seemed high.

I got 1850 as well.
Was in top 250. did not play AI, never even had it as an option.

Well that’s just weird then…

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It’s not weird - it’s just the difference between two prize tiers.

The difference between top 500 and top 250 was 250 HC (so you can assume your adjusted ranking was between 101-250). Similarly, the difference between top 250 and top 50 was 1850 HC.

I’m curious to see if anyone got bumped up to 1st-3rd place prizes.

That I can understand. I just wish they looked at how this tournament played out compared to last. Because I had more trophies last tournament 1100, compared to 960 this tournament and ended up in top 50 this tournament. This tourney is what last tournament should’ve looked like.