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Bonus Event - Worth it or not?


For the newest update I am glad that:

  1. Regeneration is back. Cleric is back to 100%, and can carry my level 7 Bard to clear, or at least pass the 2nd boss, of Frostsilver mines .
  2. Change of reward table, Hidden Forge removed Epic reward on 6 but an increase in number of epic drop at 20 in Frostsilver is an increase in Epic drop rate for my party (lv 11-12 except bard).

Not so:

  1. The selling is still bad, I have some items hoarding at 1k+ but never get a chance to sell those, instead, I am keep selling those with less than 30 items, hence 3 items at a time for multiple times until it is down to 2 items per sale.

VIP - Is it worth it?
Basically equal to the price of buying a 2400 GEM chest. Which is roughly 48000-50000 GP. Can one get that much GP from game play per month with VIP? One must get the VIP box, plus 3 random bonus secret room chests / 4h free chests, with the random VIP bonus, to even out, which… I think only a portion of people would be able to do so. Even so, 2400 GEM for 20 USD isn’t quite worth it at the first place.
A subscription is only worth consideration if it is better than the best 1-off deal. Basically you trade time for better rewards. However, the current situation is not, and it comes at a relatively high cost, for not so attractive game play experience.

Bonus Challenge
So far, we see 8 Gems for Frostsilver with bonus in GP return.
Roughly 6 Gems = 100 GP, and 8 Gems is 133GP.
From the reward table, Frostsilver average return, if you are going to sell everything you get, is 505 gp per run. (Common item = 5GP, Rare = 5gp, and Epic = 500gp, 6gems = 100 gp).
With the extra reward, it is up 580 GP in return per run. However, the 14.85% increase in reward doesn’t justify the 33% increase in entry fee if you SELL EVERYTHING.
Let’s say, you are KEEPING THE EPIC DROPS (@12 and 20), the expected return per run became 255GP (entering with 100gp) and 330 gp (Entering with 8 gems), the increase in return became just under 30%.
When does it balance out ? If you are keeping both epic items, and extra 300gp worth of items or more (for example, the reward from rolling a 5, 60 common items) that you are keeping.
Do your calculation before you pick your dungeons, and the number above is assuming you run it enough number of times to have a generally even result.


I find myself refusing to spend gems to play challenges. They’re a resource that is so slow to be gained, and too valuable to spend on a CHANCE at increased gold drops.

The first challenge, 60 gold in Sharpstone for double gem drops, was good fun. It took me about 5 runs to max out on it.

Something that should be done is removing the CTAs after we complete (max out) that bonus challenge - don’t show the poster when we log in, and don’t have the floating label above the challenge button.

In general, I do find that challenge rewards are now more satisfying, sometimes. I got a stack of 20 Epic Lutes from a 20 on Harvestfeld, and I look forward to making use of them. However, it’s very frustrating to go though a challenge and then merely break even with lowest gold reward. ATM, my main sources of income are Laureral’s Missions, and chests from secret rooms (which give ~350 gold a pop for me). I really wish we received all 3 of the rewards we rolled.

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the only challenge I maxed out was the Sharpstone 60 gp challenge for gems. I tried the other ones, but as said already, spending gems, which accumulate so slowly, on a chance for more gold isn’t worth it. both times I spent gems on a challenge, I did not receive the featured rewards, so essentially wasted gems. I prefer to save until 500, and buy 10K gold.

The newest challenge (harvestshield) is pretty good, it’s actually 50 gp cheaper than regular and could net you some good rewards, if you roll gems. this change to the challenge entry fee is great, and to see it so soon after users brought it up is very encouraging.


Yup, I like this one. If the Product Owners REALLY feel like the players need to pay gold to go on missions, then making the temp challenges cheaper is a great approach. I’ll certainly be playing this weekend to try and finish this particular mission!