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Bonus for seeing the movie?


So I went and saw the new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom the day after it opened in IMAX. Any bous items offered for that?


I used to play Marvel Puzzle Quest a lot, and they’d give out freebies any time a new Marvel movie or show came out, that you’d get just for logging in. Celebratory awards. I’m surprised there wasn’t a special free incubator for the release of Fallen Kingdom. It doesn’t need to be much, just some DNA (common or rare) and a few resources.


I saw the movie last Wednesday and I enjoyed it, just don’t go to the 3D version!!

Gaining freebies would negatively impact the rest of the world as most of the freebie stuff at the moment is in North America and the rest of the world has no offers outside of the base game content currently.


There was a HUUUUGE incubator for seeing this movie.Gave me over 5,000 coins and a level 11 T-Rex plus other various DNA. I went on Opening night so I suppose it was a one night only thing.


Yeah, the AMC incubator. But it was AMC theatres in North America only, and the offer expired around the end of June.

So in a way, they kiiinda did offer bonus items for seeing the film, but it was for a limited time at select (AMC) locations.


They really should have thought that through a bit more. There are other cinema chains worldwide that could have had their own (different contents than AMC) exclusive incub as an incentive to see the movie, but I guess AMC wouldn’t go along with Ludia unless they had exclusive rights to host the official incub. THEY had to be the only “kids on the block” offering an exclusive JWFK item. We have Regal Cinemas here (MUCH bigger than AMC), and I feel that Ludia would have done much better to allow the incubs to be at different theater chains, or at least at AMC theaters worldwide.

It’s all money, really. Everyone is looking for a way to make money, but no one wants to share.


There aren’t any AMCs around me, and the one that I did know of that wasn’t even “close” is now closed. It was always dead whenever I went there. Cineplex is the dominant chain in Canada (or at least Ontario).


I guess the answer is no.


Sucks for those without an AMC theater near them like me