Bonus incubator for completing all the attempts at every dino in 7 days of dinos


I would like to suggest for anyone who completes the 7 days of Dino’s to be awarded a bonus incubator with coins or something else it would help people focus on getting those Dino’s for the 7 days even if there super commons ! Right? I’m just suggesting something like if you agree or say what you feel about this!



Sounds good. Because catching stego today isn’t so funny :slight_smile:


I actually collecting the DNA it’s easy for him getting 200-240 DNA a attempt plus I was at 8000+ DNA before the start of a today for stegosaurus!!


Normally I would support this (I have reached max attempts every day) but think this would rub salt into the wound of all the people who got screwed by the change to a 12 hr event.

I definitely support it for future events when they’ve switched it back to a 24 hour format though - nice idea :slight_smile:


Yes i. Have max for every day you need to hive a incubator with coin and addn. Thank you for this game