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Bonus mission?

Is this “bonus mission” something new?

I don’t recall seeing this until this morning. Any thoughts on the unlock requirements?

Unfortunately the rewards are pretty low for this mystery mission (25 LP’s + 25 DNA), but I would still like to figure out how to complete it.

Same… I saw this too.

I do not remember seeing this,I wish I could get it,it has amazing rewards.

Buy a lottery ticket

Okay… So, I bought the lottery ticket and then the mission came up. It was just to collect 15000 coins from any dinosaur.

Pretty easy and low reward output, but still a neat idea to add that in there.

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I rarely complete all the missions so I have never seen this.

So do the missions go on forever? Interesting…

I’ve done 0 of my daily missions and it appears for me.

I too collected the coins,really easy.

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I don’t have the bonus mission. Looks like this is a VIP-only thing?

No. I’m a non VIP and I have it. Might depend on level.


I was judging it based on the screenshot in the OP, which shows “VIP Daily”. Good to know it should be available for non-VIP too. I am level 87 for reference.

Showed up for me at 8 AM EST then changed at 1 PM EST. Might be a temporary thing.

I am not a VIP. It was waiting for me in my daily missions today. Not sure what triggered it, but it was welcome. I’ll take any reward I can get, especially for such an easy mission. Thank you, Ludia!