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Bonus Quest prize

Who else had this mental issue.
When the end of the first Quest Prize happened and you see the Bonus Quest Prize of 1000 gold for each 50 quest points, the treasure chest spans both sides of the prize columns. Seeming to state that players not participating in the Warrior Lists get the treasure chest of 1000 per 50 quest points (up to 10000 gold) as well.

I was highly disappointed when that turned out to not be the case. I had plans for that 10000 gold.

I question and suggestion is it still looks like the Bonus Quest Prize spans both columns…again making it look like non pay to win people have access to the Bonus Quest gold.

Can you put it in the Warrior list side or give the gold to both types of players?

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Yes, I agree with fixing this. I kept up with completing the quests with the assumption that I would be getting thst gold.

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@Karawolf Did you fill the bar with 50 more points?

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I think there was a bug. I received loot but know others that did not.

Yes I did. And I got a chest.
I am not paying money. So I am not a Warrior’s list player

I got nothing after I got the one red chest. Is this Ludia’s way of telling me to not play their game? Mods, this is a serious question. Please pass it on to the development team. Recently, I have noticed a trend to slow player progression. (More toons, so more to collect and less rewards, raids and rallies set to tedious levels to discourage grinding, nerfing the spell books to the point of uselessness, quest rewards where you “might” actually get the same level of rewards, but only if you pay.)

If Ludia wants me to Play longer, than raise the ceiling on renown, include the new heroes as rewards for leveling up, and make new dungeons to explore.