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Book of Bravery

Entry costs are free. Available with vip. I used it to get to the end and get a legendary for one of my characters. Heck of a lot of work with a lot of losses. All players could do the same using gems after grinding for many gems. I’m thinking that this is what the Event vs. Battle matchup apparent disparity is all about. Yes, it’s tough. End reward is great.

Someone posted they get a legendary about once per month. Perhaps this is how.


@Baladir, I am glad you have found a use for one of the affordable Spellbooks. This is a nice change from the many threads discussing frustration with the recent decision to neuter the spellbooks. I have provided a link below to one such thread if you are interested.

While I agree the Book of Bravery can assist cost reduction for PvP Events I certainly would not entertain the though that the spellbooks are adequate to offset event rigging.

I suspect the Legendary being referenced might be Mirt’s Daily Gift. Mirt provides each player one free gift for 24 days each month. The 24th day is a Legendary Item.