Book of dragons/ other dragons species

How many dragon species do you plan on coming out with because there are a lot


We’ll try to add all the Dragons in the game eventually.


Constant flow of new dragons … gee whiz … sounds great.

Except for a few minor problems:

The inventory management in this game is horrendous
Even a fully upgraded roster is insufficient to hold all the dragons + sheep + low level feeder dragons
Insufficient dragon scales to upgrade all those dragons
Breeding chances are abysmally low
Draft chances for a 5-star are too low for the price
No way to trade or benefit from excessive duplicate legendary dragons


So with “all dragons” do you mean the species fromcrise of berk will also get added? Like the shockjaw, hackatoo and sweet death? I would LOVE to see them in a updated design(and also bc I hated the way they looked in school of dragons they were just reskins from existing dragons in that game) thank for this great game!!

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I think that they need to make it so sheep don’t count towards actual space in the inventory.


What about making the sheep stack? Oooor a separate tab for a ‘Sheep Pen’? So that it has it’s own inventory. Not one that is limited, mind you, since personally I don’t think it makes much sense for there to be a ceiling when it comes to something only obtained through quests, chests, and purchases.

With how many species there are already, and those that are planned, it does seem to be getting a bit messy, inventory wise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the new dragons (DeathgripperDeathgripperDeathgripper), but I do think it’s reaching, or has already reached, the point of needing to rework/tighten the inventory UI.


Once the Arena gets implemented, improving inventory management needs to be the top priority.

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I’m just piping in here because I’m legitimately curious- but I don’t recall any of those dragons in SoD being reskins?

Granted, it’s been a bit since I’ve last played. And I know that many dragons reused animations, but other than that (and possibly the Light Fury being a reskin. I didn’t take a good look at her model.) I thought SoD was generally pretty good about creating new models for new species?

I’m at 135 max roster. I’d hope they’d allow for more room. I can barely make enough room to level my current dragons x10.