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Book of Dragons Reward


I recently rolled two 5-star dragons - the thunderclaw and snow wraith. I believe it let me collect the reward for the thunderclaw, but not the snow wraith. However, in the book of dragons, it says I have recieved the reward for the snow wraith (even though I never got it), whilst the thunderclaw reward is still not unlocked (even though I got the reward for it).

I opened up a support ticket in the app but unfortunately the app wouldn’t let me upload images, so I was redirected here. The ticket number is #630044 . Thank you very much for the help!!

Are you sure you did collect the reward for Thunderclaw? Because most people were not able to collect Thunderclaw rewards since the update, it was always displayed like it is for you. Could it be possible that you collected the Snowwraith reward? (Easy to finde out since you got a 4 star sheep in the color of the 5 star dragon, so I’d the sheep was yellow, it was from Fleetsleet reward, if it was green, it was from Vingthor reward.)

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Hmm… I’m not sure, I think it was green? I got the Thunderclaw first. But maybe I’m remembering wrong. I just know I only got one reward!

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Could be it’s completely glitching though! Just like you collected the Thunderclaw that is bugged at the moment and system counted it as Snow Wraith reward or whatever. Weird bug in any way, but luckily mods already said that the dev’s team is aware of the BoD not properly working and searching for a fix.


Hey accipitrine, could you reach out to our team here at so they can assist you further with this? Please make sure to include your support key in your email and those screenshots as well.


I had the same problem, support gave me the rewards but that little 1 is really really annoying XD