Book of Dragons_

Hi everyone.
A child accidentally sold a dragon.
In the “Book of Dragons” I see that I can get this dragon again by collecting his collection.
But, I don’t know whitch collection I need to collect - “Foreverwing”, “Bewilderbeast”, “Screaming Death” or others, so that it would be possible to collect a collection of the dragon I need. For example - Exotic Whispering Death.

If you click on the ‘complete collection’ button in the BoD, it should take you to the collection?

Only the dragons whose collections are currently active have the “complete collection” button.

Ah, I see. For those, you can tell by the name, e.g. Exotic us a Johann’s collection, Seedling is Foreverwing, and so forth. If your current Exotic is something else, you would have to first complete that collection and hope that your desired dragon is one of the two options when you start a new collection. Check existing collections for the keyword associated with each legendary dragon; Brute, Exiled, Primal, etc.