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So boost 2.0 released and I message Ludia via in game portal and I received an automated message and I’ve attached a screen shot. Did you receive this also?

-next I’m not stupid and know boost 2.0 update changed the value of boosts , per tier costs ect…
They don’t need to explain that.

Next I’ve messaged back everyday since and they WILL not even look at my account or write back .
-I’m guessing Ludia thinks they get everything right!

Yes 1.5x boosts were to be issues to everyone. I even believe people who missed daily DBI’s got them issued to them. Ludia simply used the easiest method of issuing everyone’s boosts back with the least amount of errors knowing some would be incorrect. But why worry about the few when it’s about the many! Right?

At this point just refund all my money I’ve spent on boosts and I’ll go boost free if I’m not getting what I’ve earned and also paid for on every sale they basically had! Some are probably saying and thinking I’m complaining about “FREE” boosts and that’s not the case or the way to look at it.

If Ludia even looked into my account and tried to be customer service and not giving me the cold shoulder to my complaint then I’d have a bit more respect for their services at least.

I’m tiered of complaining. I’m tired of contacting support and having to come to the forums to actually be heard and replied to.

They said in the update boost store sales were here to stay but they haven’t been in store since 2.0 update? So why? They must be evaluating the sales? Will the amount change or the price?

I’m not going any deeper I just want what everyone else got or at least most got ! Their full boosts back and YES the same credit 1.5 ! I’ve worked just as hard if not harder to earn my boosts then anyone here so I deserve the same . Why do I complain about free boosts or my paid boosts and earned ? Because I’ve paid to play and worked at this game since beta hard if not harder then most I know when it comes to Darting and daily’s.

Just look into my account and see my screen shots I’ve taken of over 33 dinos boosted ! They won’t take screen shots in that number ? Look into my account and see at the minimum before you just give me the cold shoulder.


@Ned sorry to burden you ! BUT be sure support gets this message ! Ohh and ask them to reply to my weeks of messages in game via support !


@dinolord, I hope this gets straightened out! And then, I hope you can enjoy the game some more. :blush:

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I hope I can stop constantly complaining about issues in game but when it comes to under evaluation of which effects may game play I’ve worked hard on I get upset and worked up.

It was hard enough for me and probably some to adjust to boosts itself as a feature in 1.7 . It took a heavy toll on my gameplay and took me a while to adjust and FINALLY get the hook on them! So I’ve invested a lot of money into acquiring them and my team overall ! It’s one thing for someone who plays occasionally to come on and see so many new boosts added that they didn’t have before but I play basically 7 days a week always ! Never missed a DBI or daily mission since I can remember !

I value my contribution to the game at a high level because it is! I just want the same in return from support ! They honestly couldn’t care less then the service I got.

Anyways thanks for replying and showing some love! Nice to see some positive feedback from community player base :hugs:

Dinolord :heart:


Yes! The same thing has happened to me. I’m at a deficit of stat points before the 1.5 bonus points that were supposed to be given. The exact same thing has happened to me with the first replies being how the new system works and then not getting any reply whatsoever and just being ignored. I even later out the math work for them with the cumulative cost from before vs the new system showing that I was down A LOT of points from the reset.
It is ridiculous the way Ludia is handling their customers right now. I refuse to spend another penny and have only been logging in to see if my inquiries have been answered. About a week now with no answers or explanations.
Please fix!


39 boosted here… contacted support including all the data but got the same nonsense back from support. Also tired of barking up that tree

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By the way you can stuff up to 9 screenshots in a pic using perfect image (app)

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I finally got a reply of sorts. I guess the last update messed things up for a lot of people because they are inundated with tickets and can’t answer them fast enough to keep up.
Just keep on them every day until we see a fix.

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Now your selling 1 tier boosts for 2K HC ? Store have 7K HC of boosts ! Who’s gonna keep up with everyone who can spend 300-500 a month on the game? Each tier costs more boosts and they are linear so shouldn’t boosts be cheaper? More tiers - more boosts - more money made quicker for Ludia.

Yea sure we’re getting more from it but the end game is your greedy greedy GREEDY!

Give me my money back so I can leave this game!
Honestly no joke refund my 2k cash I’ve blown in this game.

What happened to collecting DNA building a team and working hard to get DNA to be the best? Now it’s just spend money and your golden!

Sure you can only tier a L28 dino Lower then a L30 but their L28 maxed tiers is gonna be hard as heck to beat if I can only buy 7 -10 tiers for my L30.

The buying feature shouldn’t be forced to be the best. A player should be able to be the best by skills and yes THERE ARE SOME that are crazy great at battling regardless of boosts I can name a bunch in my alliance and in others !

Ludia made it CLEAR in store “Boosts are here to STAY” $$$

Universal should be ashamed of what you’ve done to represent Jurassic park/world .

Now we know what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs :t_rex: !! Ludia the comet of Death!!


I didn’t get the correct amount back but it’s only like two boosts missing so I don’t think it’s worth it. Why can’t they just get things right? :slightly_frowning_face:
I really don’t like to cmplain, but it’s crazy how many things they have screwed up.

I was shorted 4 boosts in the reset, Health I think. Funny that they made a mistake as all my boosts were in inventory, there was no conversion at all. It was a straight calculation.

I understand the not wanting to complain but everyone affected should at least bring it to their attention that they messed up. Otherwise the errors will just keep rolling and the game will lose more and more players. I’m currently not playing until my stat points get fixed. If they don’t address what they have done wrong I’m out and will likely cause some of my friends that play to stop as well. Our alliance will dissolved. All due to poor customer service and not implementing updates properly.
On the other hand if they would have just fixed the stat loss problem in a timely manner they would have been praised and players would be more than happy to spend more feeling secure in their purchases.
As of right now I don’t think I can trust Ludia and any of their games ever. They don’t respect their customers and are willing to throw away any relationship they could have made with paying customers.