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Boost 2.0 Explained & Analyzed (Simple Version)

Hey everyone, hope you enjoy this,

Here is a simplified version, I hope, of what is going to happen with a nice picture reference.

Cliff Notes:

  1. No dino will be able to have the same stats as they did in Boost 1.0 (see examples below)
  2. It’s a NERF overall to all dinos which will introduce more strategy to the battling/boosting. However, at least now you can really get that 50% Health or Attack (Tier 9/10 in Boost 1.0 is unrealistic and not profitable lol) or max out Tier 20 for +40 Speed which is less than the current Tier 8. However, using all 20 for one category means you’re giving up a lot on the other two.
  3. More folks will exhaust all boost allocations compared to now with T7/T8 as being end game boosts for majority of dinos
  4. Boost Allocations available = dino level (each dino will have 20/20/20 allocations possible, so even a level 30 dino can only use 30 out of the 60, level 20 will be able to use 20/60)
  5. Rollback/undo of any accidental boost will cost you half
  6. Boost cost will be the same for each Tier up under 2.0 at 100

Legend for above image:
Health/Damage: Tier 5 in Boost 1.0 = Tier 12 in Boost 2.0, T8 ~ T18
Speed: Tier 5 in Boost 1.0 = Tier 9 in Boost 2.0, T8 ~ T20

If you don’t get the image then here are examples of favorite topics for nerfs:

30 Thor @ Boosts 1.0 @ 5/5/5 can no longer have these same stats under Boosts 2.0
i.e. Health/Damage would require Tier 12 each under 2.0, putting a total allocation of 24 (leaving 6 for speed). To have the current Tier 5 speed, under 2.0 it would need Tier 9. 12 + 12 + 9 = 33 (not possible) so you’re going to have to think harder before boosting as any undoing will cost you half your upgraded boosts.

For 30 DracoC, even if you decide to push to 20 on Damage, that leaves you with 10 allocations for Health or Speed which will put you at Tier 10 on Boost 2.0 but it won’t be Tier 5 equivalent under Boost 1.0. So you’re looking at either giving it a speed of 129 (+20) or 25% more health at Tier 10 Boost 2.0. Under Boost 1.0 Tier 5 would give this draco health of 4740, but under 2.0 it would be ~4558, hence the nerf.

So the nerf will be apparent if you keep things balanced at 10/10/10 for a level 30 dino under Boost 2.0. How folks decide to allocate their boosting will bring some interesting strategy with the variety of dinos now.

As always, have fun with collecting dinos with or without sanctuaries and see you in the arenas fellow DPGs



Ludia should hire you… not even joking… like yesterday, because i often think you have a better understanding of the mechanics then those making the anouncements.


I’m more concerned for the sanctuary than the arena! These boost figures are going to take a bite out of the SP of the dinos = slower sanctuary leveling! I hope they revamp the formula!

P.S. @Evicton thanks! lol

P.S.2 Oh with these changes, strike towers may be difficult again! Who liked campaign 72? lol


Did they actually say you got one boost per dino level?
They only said an example that a level 21 could be 777.
Dosent mean that’s exactly how it will be.


That’s a great question. With all the long text this was interpreted between the lines. It’ll be great if we could do more but then it’ll bring us back to where we are now, or somewhat close to 5/5/5 currently. There is still time and as we know changes can be made on the announcements page any time so let’s keep refreshing around the corner to see if clarifications will be made. I’m sure plenty of questions have been thrown at that link/survey.

P.S. Another between the line interpretation for the cost would be the cost per level up would be anywhere from 25-53 boosts per Tier but given the text it would be the lower end. Nothing is final yet as I’m sure those details were not finalized yet when the announcement was put out lol

The boosts on those Dino’s in 72 should also be adjusted so it shouldn’t be too bad. Depending on how the boosts are allocated on them after the change, it may be easier.

Considering the new Tiers, Campaign 72 will most likely be (H/A/S): 18/18/20 (they’re 1 speed slower and 1% weaker now…phew) lol

At least from the outside looking in a lot of this announcement concerned them taking our opinions into account. We’ve been talking about for quite some time that limiting the number of boost available would force strategic usage rather than just equaling overleveling of a Dino so I would say based off of that that them reading between the lines and thinking one tier per level makes perfect sense based on that

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Appreciate the input @Creative_Screen_name! See that we think alike.

Also another thing I didn’t point out here is but I’m sure ya’ll smarties figured it out, the boosts needed to level the first tiers will appear to cost more than it does currently, however, the later tiers will appear to cost less than the current max 2046 boosts needed to achieve Tier 10…so we hope lol

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I imagine they would have to follow the same rules for boosts as we do, so they will have to allocate max 30 boosts per, as they’re each l30 creatures. They may be 10 10 10 in order to balance them, or maybe they’ll be some 15 0 15s, etc. Lord lythronax can be a different story though.

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LOL…rules for AI…no chance hahaha. But I do recall folks wanting a challenge again with AI towers so this will open the lane for Ludia to be creative with those free spaces beyond 10/10/10 lol

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Nice job! Yeah, this will screw wiith A LOT of Thor/Draco dependents out there. I can hardly wait!


Rules for ai… like only one of each dino seems to check out just fine…

In reality i agree more difficult towers may end up being boosted more then a player can do.

Great sum up but can someone clarify 1 thing for me. If weve put example 100 boosts into our current dinos do we only get back 50?

Easy…you get 100 back! All the boosts you have applied will return to your inventory. So make sure you tally it up or find someone with a nice boost total calculator lol. This is in case you don’t get it all back. Always screenshot beforehand is what I do in case support needs proof.

The 50% return of boosts is for Boost 2.0 for when you make a mistake and want to undo/redo the allocation. So dont fall asleep at the boost screens!

No, the half amount back will only be for when we take boosts out of our dinos by ourselves, which will begin to be possible after the changes.

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Thanks for taking the time to explain this. Did we receive confirmation about the 1 boost per lvl? Personally i dont think Ludia will limit themselve with this because 30 boost in total for lvl 30 will significantly effect their revenue on stat boost sales. It would make sense for them to allow 20/20/20 boost for stat boost sales. And we all know how much Ludia loves money in sacrifice of their playerbase and game quality

For the cost of boots tier for 2.0; I am expecting each tier to cost between 20 to 28 boosts token. As they mentioned f2p can have one tier boost each week (which means 4x tokens per day for 7 days is 28 tokens).

Thx erryone

Looks like I missed out on the fun earlier today because of studies lol.

Well let’s wrap up this Boost 2.0 shall we?

Nothing I have said a few weeks ago have changed so let’s get to the bullet points now that we have cost given to us.

With each Tier costing 100 boosts it means you got served! lol. Under the old boost 1.0 your T7 would cost you 254 boosts cumulatively, or at T8 it’s 510 boosts. With those numbers you’re looking to trade in for a Tier2 and Tier5 with some chump change of 64 boosts under Boost 2.0. Once again, the equivalent of those T7 or T8 for Health/Damage from Boost 1.0 are at T17 or T18 under Boost 2.0. For speed it’s T17 and T20 respectively.

Short Recap:

  1. NERF overall impacting Sanctuary as well (even with 20% base SP gain, no one will put 100 boosts for a 2.5% bump in SP (Health/Damage) on a dino right now that’s not part of the main 8.
  2. To reach Tier 20 on any dino stat will cost less (2000) compared to Boost 1.0 (2046) if you are looking at it through a tunnel view (see numbers below for what this really means).

Think of this reset/change in boost mechanics as a fresh start as most will find themselves only with 1 extreme glass cannon dino, or two, or finding opponents with more balanced dinos in the T1-T3 range now.

This has become a long game, endgame strategy as to how do you want to boost weekly to gain the upper hand while maintaining meta-relevance dinos.

Outlook: potential sales increasing for competitive folks as usual, and for a level 30 dino you’re trying to obtain 3000 boosts (30 tier allocations at 100) instead of 1530 (old 8/8/8 at 510 boosts each tier). Doesn’t it cost less to reach max Tier 20 at 2000? Well it’s really 6000 if you could do all 20/20/20 but you cannot so that’s where you need to understand where the 3000 comes from. Under Boost 1.0 most folks would call it quits after T8 but now each person will be more inclined to boost to mid-teens to find some familiar numbers and as a result = you’ve spent almost twice as many boosts and yet you will not find yourself at the same stats as Boost 1.0.

Well that’s all folks! Hope you figure out the endgame boosting! Here’s another picture of the same above but it has the costs in now.

This update brought two nerfs possibly 3 but the last one is more of a user level error lol.

I like to leave the end with a tease of another image but I will not discuss lol:

Next up sanctuary update…

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