Boost 3.0 Idea

So right off the bat, we have to accept boosts are never leaving, but they can be changed. However a few major issues pop up when trying to drastically change the system:

  • Making sure people who spent real world money aren’t ripped off
  • Trying to keep a balanced economy for use of boosts and obtaining them
  • Trying to properly calculate total boosts in possession for proper refunds
  • (Kind of goes with second point) Redoing how boosts are distributed through multiple sources.

Here’s my propsal: Warning: I put a lot of thought into this and this will be a long post

  • A universal “Stat Boost” that can be used to increase a dino’s health, damage, speed, crit chance, and/or armor

  • Upon implementation, Boosts are fully refunded, and all boosts in a person’s possession are converted to this universal Stat Boost. (i.e. If I had 400 hp, 300 damage, and 300 speed boosts across all my dino’s stats and in my possession, I would have 2000 universal stat boosts)

  • The cash economy for buying said boosts may need major adjustments since 25 universal boosts for 500 cash has drastically more value than 25 HP boosts for the same price. An alternative would be to resize the portions given. An obvious flaw to this is that if the portion was converted to say, 10 universal boosts for 500 cash, comparing it to the previous economy makes people who bought the previous boosts have a significantly higher amount of universal boosts when they would have far less with the new economy. If the amount of universal boosts in possession was cut to this economy. this may result in people not being able to redistribute boosts to their team where they could before. (For example, if I had my 2K boosts across my team, I would end up with less in universal boosts and would not be able to boost my team to where it was)

  • The free way these boosts are obtained need to be re-portioned. Instead of receiving 4 of each kind of current boost in Aviary for a DBI totaling 12 boosts, it may now give a single set of 4 universal boosts

Now, if a solution to the economic issue of Boosts 3.0 was made, we could look into the new system:

  • The level limit and 100 boost price to boost a single stat once will remain the same.

  • The 50% manual refund would sadly remain the same, since boosts now hold a lot more value per boost.

  • The boost increments to SPD, ARM and CRT will be different with the advent of a “1 boost used for all” system. Stat levels and boost increments would be the following:

  • HP: +5% per level up to 50% at level 20. (Unchanged)

  • DMG: +5% per level up to 50% at level 20. (Unchanged)

  • SPD: +2 per level up to +20 at level 10.

  • ARM: +2% per level up to 20% at level 10.

  • CRT: +2% per level up to 20% at level 10.

Lets look at some possible builds on a few currently popular dinos with some alternatives to each:

Thylocatator 100% RT Lv 30 Build:
HP lvl 20 - CRT lvl 5 - SPD lvl 5
Resulting in 100% Crit RT after DProwl with +50% HP and 127 speed.

  • Another alternative is a 20 HP/ 10 SPD build to gain 137 speed at the cost of 100% RTs.

Geminititan THICC BOI Lvl 30 Build:
HP lvl 20 - ARM lvl 10
Resulting in 10939 HP with 20% ARM. Godspeed to anything without Rend or AP.

  • Ther’s also a 10 HP/ 10 DMG / 10 ARM build. Less HP and ARM for more DMG.

Ardentismaxima Destroyer Lvl Build:
DMG lvl 20 - CRT lvl 10
Resulting in +50% DMG, and 50% CRT. Sacrifices bulk for pure power complemented with speed control.

  • An alternative would be a more balanced 10/10/10 HP, DMG and SPD build. *wink wink, this outspeeds a lvl 5 SPD Thylo and would tie a lvl 10 SPD Thor.

Overall, the change to Speed Boosts would allow a better balance of the speed tiers and encouraging diverse builds. For example, a Thor could never reach more than 129 speed; meaning any dino with 129 speed or more can focus on other niches. This may open pros and cons to going lvl 5 speed vs lvl10 speed for some dinos. This also opens up some interesting mirror matches that may have drastically different builds in mind. What do you all think? Ludia, as you read this what do you think?

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i’m just trying to understand the max boosts per stat here. with hp and damage, we get up to 20, but with the others, it’s reduced to 10. (at least that’s what it looks like. could be just typos.) not sure how people would like that.

a universal stat boost would make things a bit easier in planning. As they are easier to use and are ready to be used whenever acquired (rather than waiting for the ones for the specific stat) they may have to increase in price. (something i would be relatively ok with.)

Speed boosts
Those bs ruined the game and you want armor and crit boosts? Are you feeling alright son ?
Dont give lydia more bad ideas, they already are great at it


Yes Hp and Dmg stay at a lv20 max. While Spd, Armor, and Crit have a max level of 10. We dont want to give things too much Armor or Crit and Speed without proper investment.

Let’s not increase crits, armor no speed pls no being mean or rude just saying it be a very very bad idea

Id argue how they were built and executed was a big part. If getting rid of it was an option Id scrap all of this in a second. I understand not liking it. But as said, theyre not going away so it would be best to make an iteration that is intuative, balanced and not absolutely busted like now with 150 speed monsters. And yeah I’m alright, thanks for asking :slight_smile:


Fair! A simple system like that may be less open to risk. But that just leaves HP and Dmg. Basically, did you run 20 HP? Well the guy running 20 Dmg just negates that. Just run 15/15 or 13/13 for anything not DoT or Rend focused and call it a day. Another good choice, but leaves a lot to be desired imo. And no youre not mean, youre a lot more constructive than what I feel may come my way lol.

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Well no really a fan been unboosted being doing just fine I’m at present 4890

But honestly the easiest way is to things with the current system…

  1. boost tiers are taken into account with matchmaking even in library and above

  2. no more boost sales you can only earn them they game play and strikes


Matchmaking needs to be 100% Point based. It’s the only way to be fair. The best (heavily boosted) players will rise and the weaker players will fall. It’s simple as that. Trying to pair you with a player of similar traits is both boring and Counter productive. You will never move up or down the leaderboard as you will always be matched against a player of similar strength- which should result in a 50-50 win/loss rate.

I think we can all agree by now whatever algorithm they are using to determine matchups is not working. So let’s just go back to a pure point based system and everything should balance itself out.


Curious what technical work would need to be done for #1. But I really like the idea of #2! More power to you being boostless! I’ve thought of going the same route.

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Yup it’s been hard sometimes frustrating but it’s rewarding and sometimes the game want to mess you up hard trying everything in it’s power such as this but I won in the end some how idk really I guess he went cleasing and I went decel and then RAR killed indo but hey it all worked out
image image image image image image

You should try you get used to battling boost but once you lay smarter not harder it’s easy

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As for #1 I feel it honestly the only way to fix why the rest of arena that way boosted fight boosted; whales fight whales; and those who are unboosted fight we’ll unboosted

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Exactly. At the moment, I can’t fall below 4.7 or rise above 5.1 not because that’s my team strength, but because I simply get matched with the same players and outside of that range is too many standard deviations to be likely.


My idea: Make boosts not suck

Sees title, gets ready to type
“It’s called remove speed boosts".
Reads first sentence, “aww shoot."


Can’t wait for the immunity boosts.

I don’t think that would be a good idea to add even more boosts. This game is a mess because of them.

There are two things I would change though. Ludia should allow people to use dino coins to reset boosts so we wouldn’t lose 50% of them each time we reset! The other one would be a global boosts reset every few months so people can change dinos!


A Dino Stats that won’t change while leveling it up shouldn’t be altered in the first place. But they introduced Speed Boosts. It broke the balance that was left in the Arena.

You want to add Armour and Crit Boosts? That will be the last nail in the coffin for the game.

I will stop playing this game when they introduce Armour and Crit Boosts.

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