Boost advice etc

I referenced that maybe there should be a dedicated thread for players, particularly those just starting to use boosts, to ask for hep/advice on how to go about it in another discussion a couple of days ago.
I’ll leave it to forum users to decide if they want to ask specific advice or whether some of the more community-minded players want to post advice for boosting some of the more popular dinos unsolicited.

Have at it! :grin:


Well sonce i just unlocked it a few mins ago ill see if i can kick this off by requesting some phourex boost advice. Ta.

I’d recommend downloading the Field Guide app. It’s free and made by the awesome peeps at GamePress (if I’m not mistaken), but it has the list of every available creature in the game, and can tell you what their stats will be at certain levels or boost tiers. It’s the best way to find out for yourself what you feel comfortable with regarding boosting your team.

As far as Phorurex goes the general consensus seems to be mostly attack and speed with some health, such as around 4/16/10

Thanis. I just noticed that there are advice requests on a semi-regular basis and thought if we could have them in one place it may be beneficial for some up & coming players rather than having individual threads that disappear into the ether after a few days. Im not going to bump it artificially, we’ll just see how it goes.