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Boost Balancing based on Dinosaur “Class/Species”

Concept- Balancing dinos to be more representative of their class/species.
Fast ones get faster, but maxxing attack and health Won’t give them as much benefit as a 4 legged dino maximizing ITS health.

Tanks get more hits but can’t increase speed to ludicrous levels


1). Each type of dinosaur, should have differing ratings for Health, Attack and Speed
This should help add a class/focus in types of dinosaurs.

For example: We won’t see chompers with Massive Damage, Massive Health, AND Massive speed.

Chompers would continue to chomp more with a “Strong” boost rating in attack, but speed boosts won’t accelerate them as fast as a speed boost on a velociraptor
Since the “Speed Boost Rating” for a carnivore is only weak.


4 legged heavy slow dinosaurs rated:
Health- Strong
Attack- Medium
Speed- Weak

Health- Medium
Attack- Strong
Speed- Weak

Speedster dinos
Health- Weak
Attack- Medium
Speed- Strong

Etc etc

2). The rating- Strong, Medium, Weak all affect boosts in different manners.

A “Weak” Speed rating on a chomper may be limited to 2 extra speed per level, so you COULD boost speed by up to 20, but it won’t be outspeeding everything which can easily happen.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Dinos could be further balanced by making them not just Strong, Medium, Weak, … But maybe rate them as Medium, Medium, Medium.

This would hopefully reset roles and imbalances and provide for a more levelled playing field and not the current common situation of seeing chompers with speeds rivaling exceeding dinosaurs that are supposed to be the fastest, for example, thors with 153 speeds