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Boost chances for hoarsbrumbles?

I’ve spent over 800 runes trying to get a hoarsbrumble from breeding and i still have none of them,is this a bug? Or are the chances for me unbelievably low?

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I dont have one either tried 5 Times breeding. Het same dragon all the time…

Same here. No luck yet. I have been breeding 4-star Waveshaker (Thunderdrum) with 4-star Skywarden (Typhoomerang).

Hybrids always have a low chance

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This is kinda dumb not allowing us to use the same dragon, can’t get any of these to complete this event…

Breed the 2 stars together to get a 1 star (or 3 star), should not take too long and I don’t really see a difference between a recently trained 2 star or 1 star, they should be about the same strength.

I got no Hoarsebrumble, after trying a few times. Then I quit. :smirk:

Tried 20+. Bad luck I guess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Okay. I just spent runes and made another 10 breedings. Still no hoarsbrumble. That is 30 tries without luck.

Are there any iPhone users who already got one? How long did it take?

Android, took me 1st try to get the 4 star Hoarsbrumble using Skywarden and Waveshaker.
Never bothered for a 2nd copy of any Hoarsbrumble though as 1 was enough for me.

iPhone over here - I put Skywarden and Waveshaker into breedery 24/7 as event started, no speed breeding until like 3 days left for the event, got my first Hoarsbrumble after speed breeding twice. After that I needed two or three tries of Torch and Warcry to get my second Hoarsbrumble and finished the event with a bit more than one day left.

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I hate rng. Tried another 10 times without luck. Breeding 2 and 3 stars. Even some 4 stars. Way over 30 tries maybe 40. Still no luck.

I give up. Hopefully the patch where we can see the odds of breeding is on it’s way :wink:

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