Boost compared and after 4 hours they're GONE

Hi everyone! This morning compared BOOSTS on sale without an advice… Well, After 4 hours they’re Gone. Why??? I didn’t have the time for buy cash with my Money!!! :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:
I wanted to buy the BOOSTS!!! What the hell is going on this game? Why ludia did not warn that the boots were returning for sale?
I am very very angry!!

Not defending boosts here, I hate them as well and wish they would go away.

Just wanted to ask…

Since they are limited anyway to one purchase each, what is even the point of having them on a timer?

Honest question.

Doesn’t that just screw over more peeps like the OP, who didn’t even get to purchase any?


Dude, this is a game like many others Where you can buy “resources” and other things for having an advantage… The same story of many other games. I can buy the boost! So, the question is: Why shouldn’t I buy them? Mmmm? :thinking:

The only way it even makes sense is if boosties went back on sale today in store. I can see them pulling old so the new doesnt stack up.

But if no sale today then just dumb to incorporate timer since they go away after purchased.

Maybe boosties back in store today then?

next time be aware of the timer and iwould expect them every Wednesday from now on.

Hey there, @Sebastiano_Bruno, I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t able to purchase any Boosts but the most recent sale of Boosts was only available for 24 hours. I’ll be sure to forward your comments to our development team so that they can take them into account. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next sale!

Hi John! The problem Is your team didn’t advised us players that the boosts were on sale! I noticed the boosts were on sale this morning and the timer said “22 hours remaining”… Well, After 4 hours I launched the game another time and the boosts on sale are gone… Why? This morning I thought “Well, today I’ll spend some Money for getting cash”… I thought “I have 22 hours, I have all the day”… It passed 4 just hours and It’s late… Probably the TIMER was bugged!
In any case, next time, please, write a PUBLIC NOTICE when the boosts are back! Ok???

I still don’t understand the timer on a single stack one purchase item.

Especially on such an undeniably paramount game feature. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Give people a chance to get them at least.

Maybe consider a 3 day timer since they are, in essence, everything that matters in JWA PvP?

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I didnt even realize boost were on the sale

I agree with Gorilla Glue about the timer for one item, however it was on the forums yesterday that boosts were on sale. That’s how I found out.

The timer was there to create a sense of urgency so that you buy them. Hardly an unfair selling technique.

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Hey guys, we can confirm that whenever a new item is added to the market an orange “Special Offer” notification bubble appears over the Market tab. That’s how you can tell when new items have been added to the shop!


That thing is orange like every other day though. It’s something you kind of blearily half notice as you go to claim your first free incubator in the morning as you start your first cup of coffee, and then it’s gone for the rest of the day. It is easy to not scroll down and miss the special offer.

You have to keep your eye on the forums because players always announce when boosts come & go. Usually with some extra salty language attached


I noticed they were on sale because of people on the forums.

But I’d be surprised if the timer said 22hrs then 4 hours later they were gone. I’d put my money on user error for not paying attention. Probably said 2 hours or maybe 22 minutes.

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