Boost count in menu?

If this was addressed before, then my fault, but is there a way to actually SEE your boost stock other than the arrows in the new interface?

If so how?

Top of your screen, where the darts, coins, cash usually are.

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Thank you, I really couldn’t find it

Dude… I feel so not smart. Omg… what in the world…

To be fair i didnt notice it the first time. Youre welcome.

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another way to see it I found is to simply go to your dinodex, and with the little category tab with classes, bookmarks, stats, etc, just click health, attack, or speed and boost count for all 3 I believe pop up at the near top of the screen
hope this can help


I can’t find how many boosters I have anymore, they moved it somewhere in tje latest release.

Also related: When does my refund token expire? I know its supposed to last 30 days but where do I find the actual axpire date.

When youre in the boost screen boosts are at the top of your screen where darts etc are normally. Inventory tokens dont have an expiry i believe, just ones held elsewhere (feel free to correct me if ive interpreted that wrong).

Now I only see 999 of each. Is there ANY way to see boost inventory? This is insane.

Hey Concart, could you please try closing/relaunching your game? Doing so should refresh the count for your Stat Boosts to the correct amount.