Boost distribution - Arena vs Raids

So I’ve got this Thor that’s holding 26 of all my boosts, and still needs 3 more attack boosts to reach 3K dmg and cover all suggested Apex Raid requirements. Has been very useful to me in Raids and have been using her in Arena forever. All that is appreciated, but it’s time to freshen my team, and I’d really like Mortem to be there once I unlock her, and replace Thor. Once I get there, and we have a boost reset at some point, what should I do? If I keep the boosts on Thor and replace her with an unboosted lvl 26 Mortem, I will keep joining Raids a lot easier and unlock other Apexs / level up current ones, but my Arena team will be weaker. And of course the opposite if I go the other direction.

So I am unsure how to go about it, while trying to satisfy both my Completionist side and wanting to rank up in the Arena. What do you all prioritize when it comes to boosts?

You should drop mortem rex and thor from your team. For raids, the best is thor without a doubt as long as speed is no more than 123. Mortem rex is pretty much useless now with the cooldown on roar.

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Unless you have a “tower” slightly slower that inflicts a lot of damage too. Honestly we’re still using the same strats with MR but you’ll need a fairly boosted tower (gem/dentist) to knock out the minions.

Only thing you can encounter is the tower critting knocking both out, triggering revenge turn 2. But honestly that happens seldom.

As for TS’ question:
In PvP I replaced my Thor for MR. That’s because MR gets stunned less easily and it’s speed can’t be taken. It’s speed makes it practically useless in raids though (unless you have the luxury I have of having a study raiding team that knows to work around it). So unless you can communicate with your fellow raiders on how to handle that, and if you prefer to get the raids in more than having a PvP monster, I’d leave them with Thor.

Thanks for the suggestion, but there’s more that goes to my Team selection than raw usefulness in battles. From my liking of the creature in general(like the design or some other personal reason) to how fun I find her abilities.
In the case of Mortem Rex, I really really like the design and want to have her as a part of my team.

Yeah, I am unsure about that myself, hence my hesitation. I’ve seen quite a few strats with MR too, but as you said, things get more precise there.
After all the leveling and tons of coins I used for my Tuora just for Raids(don’t use her in arenas), it feels weird to spend even more resources for a Raid-only Creature if I take Thor off my team. I guess Raids being relatively new make them feel like a subpar investement target.

My entire boost stock has been invested into my raiding creatures primarily (MR, Tenonto, Gem) and whatever was left I put into my PvP team. But that’s because I enjoy(ed) raids more than PvP.

Also all 3 are still somewhat viable in PvP. Unlike Tryo, Irritator, tuora.

Given that Tuora is useful in most apex raids, leaving that for raids (and maybe just level up an irritator, Dioraja or tryo) and building the others for PvP is a fine option.

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Yeah, the perfect scenario is having the same creature both useful in Raids and in your team. Such is the case for Thor currently for me, and I have at least 2 more months till I unlock Mortem, nothing to worry about anytime soon. Just something I’ve been wondering about.

Then there are creatures like Irri that are both Raid and Meta component. Magna’s not a part of my team and only used her for a short while, but is a viable option for a future shuffle, so there the dilemma is with the shared DNA between Raids and Arena. I kept seeing suggested version lvl 23 for Irri for different strats, so I leveled her to lvl 22 and left there, did some Magna fuses to play the both sides, and now unsure about leveling to 23. I haven’t really used her in recent Raids.

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Irritator at level 20 works most of the time if there is no critical hits. Level 25 is safe. The thing is you can easily farm DNA for irritator. Just run a gigascent at night.

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Every Apex raid can be won with the use of Thor and Tuora. My picture below shows all my raid creatures so all you need is to ensure you have a creature that works with all the strategies your using to beat raids.

Everyone should at minimum have a Thor and Tuora level 27-30, well boosted. The utility creature (player minions) don’t need to be so high or boosted. I have boosts on some of my minions but not much. My Thors are close to max boosted (27/30) and tuora’s a good half way (14/30).

If a reset comes and those your raiding with all have the boosted Thor’s, you could recycle those boosts and use one of the other 3 creatures for raids. 4 of the Apex raids use 2 Thors in the strategies I’m using.

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That still depend on who and what you’re raiding with though. We don’t use any Thor strats for apex :see_no_evil:

We use gem in 3 of the apex strats as well as Dentist and dioraja.

Tryostronix in two…. That’s not on your sheet at all

Don’t have to decide now. If you feel you really need a boosted Thor for the raids, then boost it when the raids come. Just boost it enough. A Thor with only boosted attack can be used in many strats

The raid strats that used Tryostronix didn’t work with the creatures I had on hand. The account with the needed level Tryo had a creature that was needed in the same raid that my other accounts didn’t have.

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There is only one raid where it is necessary for Thor to be speeded up and that is Mortem Rex. Thor will need two speed boosts so Tuora can speed it up enough to be faster than the Velociraptor minion.

Thanks for the info. My Thor is lvl 30(+26 boosts) and Tuora 28(+8 boosts for health and dmg) with enough DNA to get it to lvl29 and a half. Even so I’ve seen a bunch of strats asking for a 6K HP and 2.8 - 3K dmg for Thor, and some requiring spd 121. So I can’t get away with a minimally boosted lvl 30 Thor, as you also mentioned.

Yeah I can be one of the weaker creatures in the strat, but finding a Raid you are suited for is a lot faster if you can cover most creatures in the strat, and quite a lot of people can cover only the weaker / base ones.

I’d be fine with throwing in some boosts in, but I remember an unboosted health of lvl30 Thor not surviving some strats, hence the preferred 6K health. Dmg requirement is usually 2.8 ~ 3K, and spd 121 covers all raids I think.

So a reliable Apex raids Thor is quite boost depleting.