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Boost for sale 3 times a week

Yes 1000 + 500 = 3x500. Really? Every weeks I lost trophies because of you Ludia. Before the boost system I reached top 500 very often now it is impossible for me because I battled against t7 speed dinos and mine are t5 or t6.
Yes, why must I buy boost? I will never do this! Selling this game twice when it s only one game is pathetic.
VIP Canceled!!! You will not get my money more! Never!
I hope the players will realize they pay a lot more for the same game and will boycott the sales like me so you will be forced to react…
A very dessapointed player.


Gotta push those profits, bud.

Playerbase in decline? Well the whales bought all the boosts last week, so we’ll just add more boost sales this week so we make the same money. Ayyy!

the more people complain, the more ludia managers laugh in our face. they enjoy…


At this point they may as well leave it in the shop all the time, it’s a joke anyway, WE‘RE HAVING A SPECIAL (that comes 3 times a week).


As long as people buy boosts, they won’t stop. Boycott attempts it won’t help. There will always be people with too much money to spare. There is no denying money is being made from it.

Money speaks louder than any complaints on this forum.


And all maxxed boosts xD

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There we go lol


I also canceled the VIP, I will not give you any more money


and not every player read this forum to know better what’s happening. and there are always newbie players trusting only in what in-game text says.

well… :roll_eyes:

its two times a week and three times on a tourney week btw. not that it matters. i agree its a bogus business tactic that just pushes you away from wanting to continue to play this game.


The big problem is that there are only a few that see the forum.
And many of those that see it don’t post or read it.
So I would guess for every 1,000 players one posts regularly on here.
This means 999 are potentially spending money every time boosts are available for sale without even thinking logically.
How simple is this to figure?
Once everyone has every Dino max boosted we are right back where we started. The only difference is we have spent a stack of real money to get there.
Yes, so simple.
Spending money to get back to where we started, and in the process create a toxic environment in the arena with a system that no longer offers balance.
Ludia has played a blinder with this one, and the players are the mugs who actively encouraged it.


I canceled VIP a while back and decided not to spend any more money on the game, theyre pricing the “little guy” out of the game and honestly if you’re spending thousands of dollars on a mobile game you need to reevaluate your priorities. If you don’t “need the money” you know someone who could use a helping hand and if your saying your mobile gaming victory rate is more important than other people… enough ranting from the Podium. I tried doing the tapjoy offers to keep up and magically all the tapjoy offers vanish yesterday until it was too late. Lydia has placed me in a position where morally and ethically I can no longer support them financially

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You can inform grupo members