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Boost Formula: 2 Midrange Tier Boosts = 3 Levels or 1 Midrange Tier Boost = 2 Levels

Doing some quick math to value Tier Boosts vs Leveling up.

Level 24 T6 is 1% better than Level 27 T4
Level 27 T6 is 1% better than Level 30 T4
Therefore, 2 extra Tier Boosts beats 3 levels

Level 25 T5 almost identical to Level 27 T4
Level 28 T5 almost identical to Level 30 T4
Therefore, 1 extra Tier Boost equals 2 Levels

That move from Tier 4 to Tier 5 costs 32 Boosts times 2 and costs about 1280 Hard Cash (500 HC per 25). To level up from 25 to 28 costs 370,000 coins which is about 6,600 Hard Cash (4500 HC for 250,000 coins) plus the fuse costs and lots of time.

No wonder the lower level teams around 24-26 can dominate, they spent 1/5th the cash equivalents compared to the older players for equal teams. Or spent 1/3rd the cash equivalents to dominate.

To make it much much worse in the Arenas, when these “lower-level” teams win against “higher-level” team, they get 50 trophies. If they lose it’s just 10 trophies. Even though they are statistically better!!! And it takes just 1 or 2 extra Boost Tiers to achieve it.

I hope my math is right. I almost forgot that boosting requires both Attack and Defense.

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Now I can see why my level 28/29 team with only 2 Uniques, which was In Top 200 just before 1.7 was released, is now stuck at 4,300 trophies in Lockwood Estates. Their level 25 Tier 7 Unique is just better than my Level 29 Tier 4 Legendary.

Of course the top of the Leaderboard has the best of both worlds. Level 30 Uniques with all the Boosts possible.

Clearly p2w

This is precisely what I’ve been arguing too, that stat boosts are a runaway train that spoils the balanced math of the game.

…or, they failed to price them properly.

To summarize:

Moving from Tier 4 to Tier 5 = 2 levels
Moving from Tier 4 to Tier 6 = 3 levels, plus a bit
Moving from Tier 4 to Tier 7 = 4 levels, almost
Moving from Tier 5 to Tier 7 = 2 levels, plus a bit

Nobody find this interesting in that it explains why many players have dropped 1000+ trophies?

Yeah it’s not hard to see who spent a lot on the boosts. I faced a guy from apex yesterday that has no where near the team most of them have. Their team was mostly level 25s. Without boosts my team would have beat them easy yet they destroyed my team and they were ranked 325 at the time.

You can easily look at alot alliances and see teams at or near the top that wouldn’t normally be and much higher leveled teams below them.