Boost indo or go for utarinex

Thinking ahead to the weekend I have a dilemma, I have allosino at base level with 40 already fused and indominous at lvl 23 and part way to 24.

I’m not sure which would be more useful, going all out on sino and hope to get utarinex to add to the collection with how rare sino is or to boost indominous as much as I can, thoughts?

indominus rex or (indo)raptor?

Sorry, meant indoraptor

It depends on your team. Generally speaking, if your team is level 25+ a new unique is not likely to make the cut unless you can power it up a few time.

If your team is above this, or still have dinos at 20 a new unique is very likely to make a huge boost in your team.

Same unique, different teams, different results.
If you ask for the unique in itself, yes utarinex worth it.

Uthatinex is op and trykosaurus too, indoraptor is balanced

The word OP is overly sensitive in the forum…
Just wanna add - the new level up trap is Dracorex Gen 2. I have a very strong feeling another statement is gonna come out in update 1.6 saying “…we miscalculate…” - after so much coins have been wasted to level it up to L30…



I got Utarinex last week and I love the little booger. Has definitely won a few matches for me.

No risk in taking it to 15 though as you need to do that to unlock the hybrid … I’m going one, maybe two levels higher as I just like the little beast.

I have a veteran rule, never overlevel any common(where are now all of those overleveled v raptors, stegosaurus, tanys, deinocheirus, tarbos etc) , rare and epic more of necesary for hybrids, and legendaries no max of 27(and only if is necesary in the meta) i have tons of overlevel dinosaurs and i need their dna and coins now and cant find they xd