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Boost issue

I got boosts but even though it says zero…

Apparently you can buy more.

Wonder how many will take advantage…
I didn’t though due to I want to play fairly

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Good lord. It’s happening again.


Perfect opportunity for a complete boost reset then, based off precedent


I just checked the shop, and boosts are completely sold out. Gad I snagged one of each before then.

Hey DPG members, an update from Jorge:

Then how come I know someone who said he had got more?

I’m sure less than 0.01% of players were able to take advantage of this, so we can all just move along and pretend it never happened.


thaanks for the extra boosts

I tried to buy another time even when it says 1x available; I couldn’t and game sort of hanged … so its only visual confirmed

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That really only confirms that atm its only visual. It still might have worked before ludia caught on.


Agreed, seems like you are correct.

What isn’t glitched?

All maxxed boost sale

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Just in time for the folks who are having difficulty getting the last steps of Campaign! What luck, eh?

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You can buy unlimited stat boosts!!!
If you have the $$, of course.

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LOL okay. now we know Ludia is doing this on purpose. Theres no denying it.

I noticed this BUT it didn’t work for me? …with me it was like freezing the game each time I tried to buy, I needed to switch out and switch back into the game but it would just freeze it, when I closed and restarted the app so the boosts were gone anyway. I wasn’t paying attention to my boost count though so I hope that I DID at least get the boosts I bought legit. I have another shop bug I’m gonna post now though…

The game keeps freezing with the message popping up asking if I want to buy boosts.
Someone in my alliance also had a visual error saying they had 2000 of each boost.

Ludia will think you’re serious :see_no_evil: In their world that’s acceptable.