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Boost Limits? Questions

Hi everyone.
Recently I have fought at level 20 in the library… And i have 2 dinos what I thought were Max with boost. The reason I thought this is because when I have boost available I go to them and the meter reads 29/29 and the boost is greyed out.
My dinos are level 29 and 30. The level 29 I believed would have a boost available when I get to level 30.

However just today I fought the exact same dino who was at level 28… Yet somehow they had speed at 152… While mine is at 149…

Same for my level 30 croc… How is the level 28 dino getting speed to 152 when mine is blocked? Am I missing something??

Did they invest less in other attributes?

you can’t max ALL out. For a lvl 30 Dino you can invest 30 boosts so that for each category the maximum is at 20. What is your distribution? You can see how many boosts you invested by tapping on the stat. If you have 10/10/10 (sum = 30) and they have 8/5/15 (sum = 28) they are faster

Not sure… All I know is that I have added boost to each until it won’t allow me to add anymore. The dino I encountered was a level 28 and was stronger… Hit harder and was faster… I’m not sure how thats possible… As I can’t add any boost

Ok these are my 2 Dinos… They won’t let me add Boost. Did I do it wrong? Is there a way to add more? From what I saw my level 29 can be boosted passed my set up. He was boosted in every category to a higher level at a dino level 28

There isn’t a way to add more boosts since 30 boosts is the maximum amount you can put on a creature. However, since your procerat is at level 29, you can only have a total of 29 boosts on it until you level it up to level 30.

That’s what I thought… However today I saw a level 28 which had speed at 152 and all other attributes as well…

Prob just 1 if others.

152-131=21, that don’t make sense

That’s impossible. One of their stats must have been lower than yours.

You can only boost each stat a maximum of 20 times, and you can only boost each dino a maximum of 30 times (or whatever it’s level is). This means that you can’t boost all 3 stats 20 times, you have to choose which stats are most important to your creature.
If you neglected a stat that your opponent focussed on, they will have that stat boosted higher than you even at a lower level.

If what you say is true, then, bug, I guess.