Boost Penalty rework (poll)

Instead of paying a 50% tax on your boosts, what if you could pay coin or cash to move them around instead? Lydia could potentially still make money off of players buying coins or cash for boost refunds. How do you feel about this concept. What would you pick?

  • Coin Fee
  • Cash Fee
  • Either
  • Neither

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not coins or cash, but the MILLIONS of darts we all have


Pay with darts? Cmon lmao

coins and cash are too valuable and darts are way too common

They’ll be rare eventually once the situation ends


Idk man, I’ve got over 150k stocked up :joy:

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No cash works so that the mechanic isn’t broken


By cash I assume you mean inn game bucks? If so, that’s my vote. Coins are too valuable to spend on reworking boosts.


I’ll go with Hard Cash. Coins are in a horrendously small supply over here, and I can still get…give or take 50-ish HC a week even with my somewhat sporadic playstyle.

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i personally think they should be free. its not like people still won’t spend money for boosts. there is a pvp team, eventually a tourney team for all rarities, and raid dinos to boost. the only thing that this limit does it hurt themselves cuz this causes people to leave and that only hurts them in the long run


That would be the ideal option, but it’s Ludia. Since when has something super useful ever been free?

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hey that dart board of yours seems to suddenly run out of darts, maybe we could make a deal?