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Boost question

I’ve been off for a few days from the game. I noticed you can’t buy boosts anymore? I wasn’t at my max last I checked, but now they aren’t there. This on purpose? Thanks.

Yep. It’s on purpose

Hey all, we can confirm that the boosts have indeed been intentionally disabled for the moment and currently there is no info about when they will be available again.

Any update on a solution to the glitch from last week where people bought unlimited again?


Ohh, so we are all penalized again by another ludia mistake? Great, thanks luida.

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I can wait, but under current mechanics the only thing I’m spending any money on is VIP and boosts.
I’m probably not the only one so it would certainly behoove you guys to prioritize getting that fixed ASAP. (PROPERLY fixed. LOL)

Hey Christopher, the team is currently still figuring out the best way to deal with the issue.

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You mean boost sales. Not boosts themselves.


Yes boost sale. I just did some tapjoy stuff and was gunna buy more.

wait… there was another glitch where people bought a ton of boosts?? like a second time after the reset??

I’ve been on vacation and just got back this weekend. I’ve noticed a lot of stacked teams in Aviary and was wondering what was going on.

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will do.

there was another glitch where people bought a ton of boosts??

that is correct.

like a second time after the reset??

precisely like.

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WTH is going on with this game! Jeeez Ludia. For a year you’ve sold stuff in your store with limits… it isn’t like you can go buy 50 cases of gold when you have them on sale… you have a limit and it always worked… why are boosts any different.