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Boost reallocation

Hello, so I had an idea that I would like to see implemented regarding boosts.

So what if you bench a dino that you have boosted? Well you lose out on those boosts s
Right? Well can we see something implemented where you can remove boosts from on creature and redistribute them to another. Just a thought that I hope gets support

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It will never happen, cause then players would just stop buying them eventually.


Tough crowd on a roller coaster of a day. It is actually a good idea to be able to move boost stocks around, but chances of it happening are pretty slim.

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I’ve been saying this for weeks. don’t kid yourself, boost reallocation WILL happen.

Firstly, when Thorodolosaur get’s a huge nerf in 1.8, the pay to play are going to hit the roof,you think the last week in here has been abrasive? Whooo, it’s gonna be carnage.

Secondly, there is absolutely no reason why Ludia WOULDN’T do it. They can Nerf or boost whichever dinos’ they like in 1.8, as long as they have another 3 day/43 Stat Boost shop event, the pay-to-players are still going to empty their wallets, cos that’s who they are, it’s in Ludias best interest to keep the spenders happy by giving them the tools to feel superior over free to players,and they keep some of the casual players happy by giving them the ability to shift boosts between any dino they want (and let’s face it, they don’t give a hoot about any non-spender they lose). Boost reallocation won’t make one bit of a difference to Ludia’s bottom line. But not allowing boost reallocation, I don’t see it ending well for Ludia, they’ve painted themselves into a corner.

When you think about it, this is a genius move by Ludia, in the past, pay Incubators were more than enough to separate the payers from the players, the stat boosts turn the payers against each other even more. Who wins? (Rhymes with Gluvia). Who loses? Noone cares.


True I figured that after a couple months of hell it would eventually settle back to the way it was when all the top players had to face each other while we are battling people more our level. I still would love to be able to remove boosts but I route Ludia would ever let us do this so those boosts that got wasted on a benched dino are going to sot and collect dust unfortunately

Reallocation is a thing see it on stat tables on other F2P games. Usually increased cost for every regroup.

Revenue waiting to happen.

No way they ever implement boost reallocation. Why let us move them around when they can just get us to buy more.

If you think they will let us do this, ask yourself why we can’t get dna back from fuses. It’s because I’d if we are given resources back, there’s no incentive to spend more money.

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If they did add a Boost re-allocation of some kind, then it will have to be on a timer.

You guys think PvP is bad now, lol…

Picture that old Joker meme from Batman where he says “Wait till they get load of me!” only its not Joker, It’s the Boost re-allocation button.

I do not see it happening either. It makes better financial sense to nerf a few top Dino so more boosts have to be purchased to boost other Dino. Never ending stream of income.