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Boost redistribution due to meta changes in 2.1?

Are we getting a boost redistribution? Because many people had full boosts on Max and Tryko, and now they changed and many people will not want to have they boosted like they used to, and probably all those boosts will be put on Gemini again…
So, this is the question, will we receive a boost redistribution?


No. This is exactly what the community asked for. Why should Ludia reset boosts on what the players wanted?


No, nobody asked for Max rampage to have a cooldown of 2, definite Shield advantage 2x damage, bellow lasting for 4 attacks, Phorus attack being increased to 1600 and Monolometrodon staying stronger than Magna… Nobody asked for that. We are asking for months to an arena matchmaking fix, not this.


Phorosaura, the legendary hybrid, did not get an attack buff. Its common component did.


It is just a matter of time, my friend…

Yeah players did want a Max nerf, but it was always one of the changes that they ended up adding, not ALL of them. And yeah, no one wanted TSR cooldown increase, that was just unnecessary. Honestly its Indo G2 all over again, where it did need a nerf, but didn’t need to be nerfed into obscurity.


Why changing rampage cooldown? I don’t get it… Lots of players wont be able to complete Mortem anymore


Why? lots of reasons!

Blatant self-promotion, but I don’t feel like copy/pasting the entire article. :wink:


Everyone needs to read that article. Spells it out perfectly and offers REAL fixes.


I really like the idea of boosting friendly teams willy nilly.
I also would like to be able to use different levels on them.


This line sums it up perfectly: “Boosting needs to be encouraged instead of seen as a necessary evil.”


Great article agree with everything you said.

I’ve never been one to hide I feel Ludia does bait and switch balances design to drive sales and deplete boosts.

This patch is really the perfect time to prove me wrong. Between the whole ii situation and now the huge changes to max… it’s the perfect opportunity for a goodwill move. Unless of course your objective was to deplete player boosts.


Looks like you need to read section 1 of my article. To quote:


I’d like for you to define overboosting?

Like at what tier should I be comfortable Boosting my favorite Dino’s before I’m overboosting a flavor of the month? I really want to know where this threshold Is.

Is it define by the % of my boosts? The amount of tiers I have? Maybe a particular stat.

Please enlighten us.


Another thing to add to this topic is mid players in sorna and ruins… the guys that don’t have a full team of uniques to boosts and believe me there are level 21-22 maxes in sorna…

These guys aren’t gonna be boosting their lvl 20 rajas well atleast not if their smart… so they end up dumping their available boosts into the one Dino they hope will be on their end game team.

When these kind of changes hit them…it’s way more impactful because it’s not an “overboosting” issue. It’s actually using what you have in the most forward thinking way possible.

When people become afraid to use boosts/coins. You hurt your revenue stream. And their are currently 3x as many players in sorna, ruins, avairy then there is is library, depot, and shores.

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No I mean is over boosting max boosted? Is my 13 tiers considered over boosted? Is it 15 tiers?

I don’t even understand what overboosted is… their is max boosted and not yet max boosted. So how can something that isn’t max be over boosted.

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That’s a pretty low bar. I’m asking for a boost redistribution mechanic and I’ve only boosted Tryko 10/10/0. I’m quite confident 90% (to make up a statistic) have boosted more than me. I’d bet money you have boosted more than that. Therefore, if I am “overboosted” by your logic and you’ve boosted more than me, you are “overboosted” as well.

Instead of trying to divide the playerbase with meaningless terms, why don’t we work towards a system that makes people want to play the game as provided?


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Still not seeing why everybody want a boost reset but does not care about coins/dna. Boost are only half the equation. What about those who spent two million coins making Maxima. Or one million coins and tons of dna making Thyco. Sure, boosts are more expensive than coins, but if you reset one, you should still reset the other ressources as well So for me the only solution is being able to “fully refund” a certain number of dinos after any major changes. Ex.: After 2.1, you receive 3 tokens that allow you to fully refund 3 dinos. Let say you use one token on Maxima, you get your coins and boost back, and the dna is reallocated to Brachio and Ardonto (max limits would have to be removed). Or you could use your token on Thyco, because you decided to make it since Maxima was too OP. You get your boosts/coins back from Thyco and dna is reallocated to Marsup and Sucho. So overall, nobody is loosing any ressource. Months later they decide to buff Maxima again? Well, the dna is likely still there waiting for you, and if you’re lucky and used your coins somewhere else, you may get a few tokens that will allow you to “refund” those dinos that got nerfed and get your coins/boosts back.

Point #1 from my article:

Boosts are the most valuable resource in the game. While levels do matter as much, if not more, than boosts, no one can deny that boosts are far less available. Especially for F2P players.