Boost redistribution test?

I kinda have a theory. Nerfing Magna went against the reasons they outlined. It’s components are so hard to come by and they nerf him? Doesn’t make sense to me. People have been screaming so much about boost redistribution that I feel nerfing Magna and or The rat is a test to see if people will keep the teams they boosted or conform to the meta and bench him or similar ones they put a lot into. If they’re benched then there’s really no reason to allow for boost redistribution. People will just boost new dinos and conform. If they stay on teams because they’re already so invested in I think they may see a problem and fix it. I dunno. Just a thought.

Magna well deserve his nerf.
I just question about “is the nerf enough or should it be nerf more?”

I guess it depends on how many boosts are vested vs power of the nerf.
For example due to boost power I’ll keep Dracocera and Magna.
Indo is getting dumped as soon as 1.8 goes live and I’m taking those boosts as a loss.

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Magna is so good though I love her so much I’ll always love her

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Yeah indo was the same for me. I just think us going with the flow is gonna prove that we really don’t need distributions. Ugh.

Magna is still legit.
If people tone down Dracocera like the celebration posts indicate, it will remain Tyrant.
Dracocera is one of it’s biggest natural predators.

My Magna is already t7 with 150+ speed. It’s definitely not getting benched. All 8 of my main team will stay forever if we can’t reset boosts. I’m too deep to turn back now. It would be foolish for me to bench one and start at 0 with something else.


Same’ish, in mid aviary Dracocera is still very viable as most of the dinos it is used on don’t have shield. My Magna is very lightly boosted and a little under leveled but I still intend to bring it in once it is nearing team level. Indo and Erlidom will be out despite being fairly well boosted and some of my highest level dinos.

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I’m giving Erlidom a pass for now because the cloak still has 2X damage.
But if it repeatedly gets waffle stomped I’ll let it go.
Indo? He’s already packing his bags during maintenance and briefing the new Monostego on his duties.

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